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Remedy Tip – Health News, Alternative Health

Heterosexual Attraction on Genital Size: What Women Really Desire

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Heterosexual Attraction on Genital Size: What Women Really Desire

The commotion around women saying “size does matter” is quite intriguing. When one tends to ponder on what that statement meant, it will only conclude to one thing: a guy with large manhood is a plus point. So men would wonder does size really matters? Based on a study conducted by Brian Mautz of the University of Ottawa, it does.

The study also suggested that apart from what was obviously stated above, women are also into men who are tall. Therefore, it would be favorable on the part of a man if he is taller than the ladies and has a large “member”.

The process of the study

Researchers collated an approximate of 100 Australian women who were probed to view at least 50 computer-generated 3D pictures of naked men that have different heights, body figures, and penis sizes. These images were rotated to create visibility of different angles. The catch is these women are not aware that they are already participating in a study. Hence, they are told that they are just there to rate the images shown base on how they were attracted to them. Anonymously, the answers were collected. The result is that majority of the choices fall under the image that shows a tall man with a lengthier penis.

Conflicting results

Dr. Brian Mautz has stated that the topic proposed test questions that are quite controversial therefore, a concrete reaction can somehow be conflicting. Something quite sensitive as this may conceive results that may not be as accurate and as honest as expected. He reiterated that there is a possibility of these women “deceiving” themselves by conveying a stereotyped answer. Questioning women directly may affect or somehow influence how they would react.

A string of the past

Dr. Mautz, who published his findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), elaborated that females back in the prehistoric ages are also into males who have larger genitals. Females mating with males having larger penises may endow a male offspring that also has a large penis. Through the span of gene trait transformation, he concluded that it might be one of the reasons why the males of today if compared to other types of primates, have larger genitals. Evolution has once again taken its course in producing a more preferred category of male characteristics.

The size that matters

So how big is big? Well, the measurements left the researchers in awe. Dr. Mautz explained that his team was unable to define the most ideal and attractive genital size. Another study has professed that one of the main reasons why the majority of women are attracted to size is because of achieving orgasm through vaginal stimulation.

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