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A Cardiovascular Routine Is Fundamental To Fitness

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A Cardiovascular Routine Is Fundamental To Fitness

A Cardiovascular Routine Is Fundamental To Fitness

One of the most important tools in a good workout for your heart is a good pair of shoes for running in. You don’t need any complex piece of equipment to help you get the quality of life, health, and fitness you’re looking for. You can work out your heart by running, walking or swimming and all three of those can be done without any equipment. Well, it actually helps to have a pool for swimming. Some other easy forms of cardio include step training, riding your bike, dancing, aerobic classes and just about anything else that uses a lot of energy.

Before you work out and after you work out, you need to warm-up and cool down. This includes the process of stretching your muscles and moving them around a bit. Starting to work out at full capacity can cause problems with stiffness and cramps. You want to start slowly. After you’re done working out, you’re going to want to cool down your body a little bit and allow your muscles to relax from their highly stressed state.


The right pair of running shoes can make all the difference. You can make everything easier on your body by protecting the ankles all the way up to your legs, and back, with the right pair of running shoes. You shouldn’t try to save a dollar by getting a cheap pair because a good pair has technological advancements that can keep you healthy longer.

You want to warm-up before you start running. It’s often best to start by walking quickly while you make sure to move your arms. Move into a slow jog if you’re comfortable. You should be running at the speed that your comfortable talking at. If you’re too low on the breath to speak then you should slow down a little bit until your able to speak. If you’re not used to running then you might want to alternate between walking and running until you can run comfortably for a longer period of time.

As you start to get used to your workout you should try to increase the length of time that you do it every day. You should continue with that until you’ve run for a half-hour comfortably without pausing or slowing down. If possible you should try to run for about 10% longer every single week minimum. Make sure not to forget about your warm-up and cool down every single time. At the very least you need to stretch your legs at least 30 seconds minimum. That includes your calves, your thighs, and your hamstrings.


One fun option for getting a great cardiovascular workout is biking.

One of the first things that you have to worry about is safety if you’re using the roads for your workout. If you live within a few miles of your workplace then you might be able to get in your workout for your commute there by riding a bike back and forth.

You can also consider the use of an exercise bike. You can use it for however long you have to work out without worrying about getting from one place to another. You then don’t have to worry about traffic and the weather. It’s also great for warming up the legs before you work them out. There are also classes you can take that will be led by an instructor. They will lead you into different levels of intensity throughout the workout. It’s very similar to circuit training with a bicycle.

Riding your bike only 5 miles a few times a week can improve your heart rate. That’s not all though. You can actually improve your skin, help manage your weight, and help you attain good posture. Many people also love bike riding as a stress reliever.


This is a personal favorite of many people looking to trim down fat. Water resistance actually increases the body’s intensity level by creating a 20% larger challenge than the same motion through the air. You get an amazing workout by just swimming back and forth a few laps a day. It’s also a lot easier on the body than something like running.

By pushing yourself to swim faster and faster you can continue to get a great aerobic workout.

You should start off slow by swimming only one or two laps with breaks in between them if needed. You can start with as little as 10 laps a day. Slowly try to increase the intensity by taking fewer and fewer breaks. Continue to add another lap every time you go, if possible.

There are a number of ways you can build the cardio training plan to bring you to the best level of fitness in your life. If you want a little help with this then we have some staff that can help you with that. You’re going to want your cardio to take somewhere between one hour and one and a half hours. It’s also great to start with a run.

The following workout routine is great for a person of average fitness. You probably want to adjust it based on your own personal fitness level.

  • 1. Start by walking at a leisurely pace while slowly moving the intensity into a run. This can help your body warm-up naturally. Continue this for 20 min.
  • 2. Use a rowing machine. Set yourself up to work out for 15 min. by setting a stopwatch or using the machine. Start with the rowing machine slowly and then like running increase your pace steadily. As your time begins to run out slow down.
  • 3. Afterward, quickly move to the exercise bike. Ride the bike steadily for 12 min. and then right before the end, during the last 3 min., increase your pace significantly.
  • 4. Then move on to the stair climber. Again you’re going to want to work out for 15 min. start slowly again and move up the pace as time passes. Try to push yourself as hard as possible during this exercise to get the most out of yourself and your leg workout.
  • 5. After the stair climber, you’re going to want to move to do some ab workouts. Find a bench and do some crunches. You’re going to want to continue to do crunches until you fail and are unable to complete anymore. Repeat 3 or 4 sets. Use a twisting technique with your body and touch your left knee with your right elbow and then the reverse.
  • 6. Use a leg raise machine after wards. Lift your knees as close to your chest as possible until you can’t do anymore. Take a break and repeat it three or four more times.

After you’re done with this complete workout, make sure to allow your body to cool down stretch out a little bit. This workout should take around an hour and a half probably a little less after you get used to it.

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