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15 Surprising Things Introverts Love Doing


15 Surprising Things Introverts Love Doing

15 Surprising Things Introverts Love Doing

“My weekend was absolutely perfect … I didn’t have to endure anyone.”

Only introverts know that they are introverts. But sometimes, it’s hard to identify oneself as an introverted individual especially if you are good in socializing with people.

For decades, a typical introvert stereotype is that person identified as the one who sits in one corner and gazes upon a bunch of people having a good time on the dance floor. If that’s how you recognize an introvert, then you have been wrong your whole life.

According to author Sophia Dembling, pointing out an introvert is not easy as it seems.  There are introverts who are very good in being extroverts that people around them would not even notice how introverted that person is.

Author and psychotherapist, Dr. Marti Olsen Laney, said that introversion is a form of basic nature. The distinction that is seen by society is just a small piece of an entire whole. The tip of an iceberg.

One of the keys in figuring out if your friend is an introvert is through the way he or she loses or gains energy just by being surrounded by casual people or even by loved ones. It is quite a tough endeavor to specifically point out if one or two of your friends are introverts or even to identify yourself as an introvert.

To help you sort things out, here are 15 surprising things that introverts love doing.

1. Introverts love to write.

J.K. Rowling is a self-proclaimed introvert. She said that it is during her alone time that she feels energized to creatively come up with the best plots and story lines.

More so, introverts feel more comfortable communicating through writing than speaking. Their thoughts are better processed, expressed. Words flow more vividly the moment they start to write.

2. Introverts love to sit or position themselves at the end of the bench, thus, avoiding the middle.

Bottom line is: Being surrounded by people is the last thing on an introvert’s mind, let alone being situated between two strangers.

Whether it’s in a cramped subway ride, inside a church, in theaters, or just about anywhere, introverts will always choose the spaces on both ends of the row.

3. Introverts contact customer service either through IMs or emails.

Because phones are overrated, that’s why.

For an introvert, talking to someone over the phone is just a waste of energy. Since IMs and emails are available, they would rather create a lengthy email discussing the reasons why they love or hate the products and services of a particular company than expose themselves to the harmful radiation from their phones.

4. Introverts love it when parties get cancelled.

“Now I can snuggle in bed, get comfortable, turn on the TV and start binge-watching Orange is the New Black.”

However, if they don’t get cancelled, introverts would still go to that party not to meet new people but to hang out with familiar faces and friends. Parties are never really enjoyable for introverts.

5. Introverts love their friends … or friend.

“It doesn’t matter how many friends I have, for as long as I have one for keeps.”

A couple of friends are considered as best kept treasures by introverts. They know how to cherish them and keep them close.

Introverts are not keen in creating huge groups of acquaintances or being friends with the entire community. For an introvert, quality is more important than quantity.

6. Introverts love staying at home during weekends.

For introverts, weekends are considered as the best time to recharge after long, suffering days at work or at school. Their plans are basically composed of diving into their favorite books and soaking themselves with the silence of their thoughts.

7. Introverts love their pets.

The thing about pets, like dogs, is that they keep you company and they make you feel loved … in silence. They don’t demand anything from you and they accept you whether you haven’t shaved or taken a bath in three days.

8. Introverts love to ignore their phones, even for a while. 

Unlike other zombies who make their smartphones their lifeline and oxygen, introverts know how to take a break away from technology.

Long phone calls from loved ones are highly appreciated however, during downtime, phones are considered annoying. Introverts just don’t have enough energy – or tolerance – to keep up with people from the outside world.

They even tend to go to the extremes to filter every single call or message that they receive even if it’s from a family member or a close friend.

Mentally, they are just not prepared for a conversation; not until they have gathered all the energy they need.

9. Introverts love to avoid crowds.

Group activities and social gatherings are kryptonite for introverts. Even during events wherein they know majority of the people, they feel like they just don’t belong. There is just not enough room for air to breathe.

If possible, introverts would want to get home as quickly as possible the second they set foot on where the get-together is.

It’s times like this where a smartphone becomes a lifesaver.

10. Introverts love the beach.

There is something that draws introverts to the peaceful serenity of the beach. Its calming effects create a heavenly feel to naturally promote recharging. They are the ones who just sits on the sand and stares at the horizon while the sun sets.

For introverts, it’s the best place they can be.

11. Introverts love to steer clear of small talk. 

It’s not that introverts are not good at talking to people, it’s just that they just cannot handle annoying idle conversations that only lasts for a couple of minutes which, for them, is completely senseless or disingenuous. Introverts are all about authenticity both in the way they think and the way they speak.

Piece of advice when talking to an introvert: If you want to say something, say it in a straightforward manner and make sure you it makes sense.

There is no beating around the bush with this one.

12. Introverts love thought-provoking conversations.

As mentioned in #11, introverts don’t just dive into conversations.

One of the best ways to interact with an introvert is to be philosophical and engaging. Introverts easily get hooked with smart conversations that can basically cover anything under the sun.

Aside from a witty exchange of valuable information, introverts are also huge fans of movies, television shows and novels that have an intense plot, a stimulating message, or something that actually conveys value.

13. Introverts love abstract discussions.

Rather than talking in specifics, introverts prefer to address things in the macro sense. They look at things in a way that would involve a wider spectrum. Oftentimes you would hear them say, “In general, I perceive that…”

14. Introverts love downtime.

One of the major characteristics of introverts is that they welcome downtime and non-productivity as much as they welcome quiet moments.

For them to completely get revitalized, there must be that particular point wherein they can just sit back, relax and read or watch something while sipping a cup or glass of their favorite drink.

15.  Introverts love to talk than to mingle.

Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, Julia Roberts, and Lady Gaga are just some examples of famous personalities who identify themselves as introverts. Approximately 40% of CEOs are said to have introverted personalities.

Another known characteristic of an introvert is that he or she would rather talk or perform in front of hundreds or thousands of people than engage in one-on-one interactions with them.

Individual interactions are an introvert’s worst nightmare.

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