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Hands are a very delicate part of our bodies. Skin on the upper side of the hands is very thin and there are very few oil glands there. Adding this to the fact that we expose our hands to detergents daily, it suddenly becomes understandable why sometimes our hands look terrible, with cracks that bleed. And it’s not only ugly, it also hurts. In the winter it becomes even worse. The lack of moisture in the air leads to lack of moisture in the skin. And the hands, as the fastest ageing part of our bodies, are predisposed to becoming very dry and rough. We have to take special care of our hands in the winter in order to avoid ugly and sore chapped hands. We are about to give you some tips on how to prevent extreme drying of the skin of your hands in the winter.

Wear gloves

It’s essential to wear gloves in the winter. It’s not only the fact that it’s too cold that you need to wear them, and even if you somehow manage to cope without gloves, it’s the bad result that will be more than obvious on your hands. So, don’t forget to wear gloves. What else you can do to protect your hands more, is to apply hand cream and then put the gloves on every time you go out. The moisture of the cream will remain longer in your skin and will protect your hands from the harsh winter cold.

More gloves

Another way to take good care of your hands is to create your own little bed time ritual. Each time before you go to bed apply hand cream and put on special cotton gloves that will help moisture remain longer in your skin. This will keep your hands soft and ready for the new day. There is a wide choice of hand creams. You can choose one particularly suitable for your skin type. Also, it’s good to have a day and a night cream. Then repeat the other procedure we’ve mentioned above with applying more cream before going out. In this way you simply won’t give your hands the chance to become dry.

Choose the right cream

The type of hand cream you need in the winter is thick and hydrating. A plus is a cream with vitamins A and E. You need a cream that is easily absorbed and you have to use it as often as possible, in order to keep your hands hydrated the whole time. You don’t need a very scented cream. Go for more gently perfumed ones since your skin is much more sensitive in the winter.

Nails are important too

We tend to forget to take care of our nails but the truth is that they get dry in the winter too. The cream you use for your hands will surely have a positive effect on your nails too, but there is some extra care you could take of them. There are special nail creams you can find on the market. It’s good to use such a couple of times a day to make sure your nails are hydrated too. There are hand creams that contain the same ingredients as the nail creams. These days there is a variety of them, so you won’t have trouble finding one.

Strong or weak?

It makes a big difference what kind of barrier to the atmosphere conditions your skin has. It is likely for your hands to become drier in the winter but in case your skin has a weak barrier, your hands might start itching and inflaming, and then get cracked and start bleeding. It’s a very unpleasant reaction to the harsh conditions, therefore you have to make sure you take good care of your hands, by using cream often and keeping them away from detergents and wet as much as possible. This barrier weakens with years, so don’t be surprised if you didn’t use to have problems with your hands last winter and now you start noticing signs of wind-chapping. You can build a barrier by using a cream with thick moisturizing components, such as Shea butter.

To keep the skin of your hands healthy, avoid washing cold hands in hot water. The rapid change from freezing to hot appears stressful to your skin and will dry it out faster.


An extra care to take of your hands is weekly exfoliation. Use exfoliants with gentle texture and apply cream after the procedure to moisturize your skin. You can use cotton gloves to strengthen the effect.

Winter can be very harsh on the skin, especially on parts of the body that are very sensitive and delicate, such as hands. Fortunately, there are many things we can do to keep our hands soft in severe weather. Applying these tips will help you prevent dehydration and painful cracked skin.


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Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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