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Tips to Quit Smoking

Most of the people you see walking around with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth have tried to quit at least once. They decided they didn’t want to carry around the horrible habit any longer and the risk to their future health was too great. For some reason it only took them a few days before they had another one in their mouth even though they know it could eventually kill them. Is smoking so important to you that you’re willing to risk living until an old age?

You are probably one of those people and you couldn’t quit the first time around. You are definitely going to break free from your habit if you really want it badly enough, but the question is when will it happen? When will you finally decide that enough is enough and you won’t risk your life anymore? I hope today is the day you try again and this time you won’t be able to fail because we’re going to go over some excellent ways to finally say goodbye to cigarettes.

Go public with your goal

When you try and do everything on the sly there is no way you will stick to your plan. The thought of smoking just one more is too tempting. It’s always one more and that happens for years. When you go public and everyone knows what your plan is they can try and stop you from jumping off the wagon when they see you standing on the edge. When you have words of encouragement in your ear every 5 minutes it really helps.

Give away your money

I don’t mean you should throw it away, but it would be a good idea to let someone else have control over your finances. You maybe think that is a little childish and you would be right, but who is the person who can’t quit smoking? When you don’t carry all your money about with you it’s going to be hard to smoke when you can’t afford it. Don’t take control of your wallet until you have quit and that is extra motivation for doing so.

Find something else

Sometimes in order to stop doing something you can slip another thing in to make it easier. That could mean doing something else when you wanted to smoke a cigarette, but first you need to decide what it could be. If you want to keep in healthy what about grabbing a piece of sugar-free chewing gum and putting that inside your mouth instead of a cigarette? I know you won’t want to do both at the same time and after a few weeks it will really stop you from wanting a smoke.

Start a new hobby

It’s easy to want a cigarette when you’re sitting around not doing anything. Most people only smoke when they’re bored and if they are not doing anything with their life. If you always keep yourself active them how on earth will you have any time to put a cigarette in your mouth? The hobby can be anything you want, but preferably it’s something indoors or if it’s outside it should be physical. Trainspotting might be fun to some people, but it’s not going to stop you from smoking.

Stay away from danger

If you’re one of those people who smokes no matter where they are then this doesn’t really apply to you, but there might be people reading who only smoke when they are playing snooker down at the pub on a Tuesday night. It’s easy to slip outside if other people are going too. The only real way of resisting the temptation would be to stay away from the pub. I’m sure people smoke in other places, so you’ll just need to work out where is more tempting for you and stop going for a while.

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