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Ladies, it’s about time to put those fancy shoes to the test by walking that extra mile from your home all the way to your work. Based on a recent study from the Murcia Regional Health Authority located in Spain, walking can actually save your life by 43%. If you are that type of woman who hates the idea of dragging those high heels through the busy streets of your city, then you might want to change your mind once you have realized what Jose Maria, main author of the article published by the journal, Stroke, has found out.

Addressing the general population, Jose Maria has reiterated the importance of moderate activity to a healthier lifestyle. The new found fact provided by Jose Maria’s team encouraged not only women but also men, to engage in walking at no less than three hours a week, collectively. Yet again, the study has instituted another addition to the many benefits of strolling down the park and literally getting some fresh air.

With a total of 33,000 individuals aging from 29 up to 69, men and women combined, the study pursued in determining the level of physical activity that was done by the participants between 1992 and 1996. Finally, in 2006, the evaluation has amassed the data that if a person, be it man or woman, has invoked on a daily walking routine or if the woman has enrolled in a cardiovascular exercise class, that person is bound to get a diminished risk for heart disease and stroke.

This led to the conclusion that compared to those who are physically inactive, individuals who have engaged in moderate physical activities are 43% less risky in acquiring a stroke. Sadly, the latter part of the promising facts was meant mainly for women.

Based on an estimation provided by The American Heart Foundation, there are more or less 800,000 Americans who suffer from the traitor condition. There has been a small drop in the significant number of reported stroke cases but still, the World Health Organization (WHO) is anticipating that, as the population increases, the higher the stroke rate will be. Due to this statistics, WHO has also emphasized the importance of participating in cardiovascular exercises.

Stroke is a condition that is technically caused by blood clots and ruptured or blocked arteries. It is life threatening and fatal. Stroke is considered as an unexpected circumstance that the person might experience due to unhealthy lifestyle pattern, inactivity, stress and vices.

Walking, and any form of moderate activity for that matter, does not merely reduce the risk of stroke occurrence but also prevent further cardiovascular diseases to take place.

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