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Try These New Fitness Classes in 2013Staying fit and trim takes hard work and dedication, but there is no reason to dread going to the gym each morning. While running on the treadmill for hours and using the elliptical can get old fast, fitness experts are constantly devising new classes and routines to get people moving and having fun. If you are feeling tired of the same old routine at your gym, consider trying out one of the latest trends. Not only are these fun fitness classes certain to get your heart pumping, but they will also provide you with the motivation to haul yourself to the gym every day.

Exploring the World of Zumba

Zumba has quickly become a cult phenomenon, with millions of men and women around the world joining classes in local gyms and fitness centers. Created by choreographer Alberto Perez, Zumba is a fully-fledged fitness program that incorporates aspects of both cardio and resistance training. Participants engage in upbeat dance sessions, where instructors teach simple dance moves that are both easy and fun.

One of the major benefits of Zumba is that the fitness class can be adapted to fit the needs of different participants. For example, both expectant mothers and senior citizens can participate in Zumba, as the program does not utilize heavy weights or require dangerous manoeuvres. Some gyms offer Zumba classes targeted specifically towards beginners, while others simply encourage instructors to alter their classes for individual participants.

In terms of fitness benefits, Zumba is a great programme for weight loss as the dance moves are a high calorie burner and also help to increase your body’s metabolism. You’ll also see improved cardiovascular health whilst the latin moves are great for toning muscles.

Not only is Zumba an enjoyable alternative to traditional gym routines, but it can also be enjoyed outside the constraints of a gym. Many Zumba fans choose to work out at home and with friends, in addition to taking classes in a local facility. This can help participants to learn dance moves quickly, expanding their repertoire and comfort with the exercise.

Additional Fitness Classes

While Zumba is by far one of the most popular classes available in gyms across the country, bootcamp fitness sessions are another growing trend. Bootcamp fitness programs are designed to push participants to their limits, sending them through high-intensity movements and strength-training exercises. The programs are meant to mirror bootcamp programs utilized by military trainers to get new recruits into great physical shape. These routines are no doubt effective, but they shouldn’t be practiced by anyone with heart issues or joint problems.

These kind of workouts are great for anyone who is looking for a high impact session, and the fact that they combine a number of activities help to keep participants engaged. With ex-military personnel often  running these sessions, which take place in local parks and outdoor areas as well as gyms, there’s even more incentive to stay in line and complete the workout!

Ultimately, choosing a fitness program that works for your routine is based on various factors, including your own desires and goals. Zumba is a fun way to get the ball rolling, with plenty of different routines and moves to explore. Working out should be an enjoyable experience, so if you can have fun and dance to Latin music for an hour then this is definitely something to try. Alternatives like bootcamp fitness may also be worth exploring. Although, it is worth noting that such programs are incredibly intense and may be less enjoyable for those who don’t enjoy being pushed to their physical limits, in which case you may be more of a candidate for Zumba!

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