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Top Tip’s In Delivering You A Safe Workout!I’ve spoken to many people in the past who visit the same gym as me, or know me for my running exercise routines outdoors and a lot of them talk about how they can implement a safe workout. I always try to suggest the idea of doing proper planning and involving a few compulsory actions that will allow for a safe, secure workout. In this article I am going to talk about three of the best tips you can use right away that will give you the safe, secure workout you are looking for.

Top Tip # 1 – Be Sure To Warm Up Correctly… Every time!

The first top tip I want to mention is the idea of warming up. I am always surprised to find out how many people actually get this process wrong! Warming up is an extremely important part of a safe workout. It helps to loosen up the muscles and prepare them for a more intense workout. What I tend to do is warm up via a treadmill by walking first, then moving up a gear into a light jog and then I run. All in all, it should take about 15-20 minutes for you to warm up via this method.

When your done with the treadmill, continue your warm up by doing some stretching exercises on your legs, arms and mid-section. This will help even further to loosen up your muscles and prepare you for further exercise.

Top Tip # 2 – Perform Your Exercises Correctly

The next point I want to mention is making sure that your performing exercises correctly. Whether you are working out on a weights bench, or some other piece of fitness equipment, using this stuff correctly will help you to achieve a safer workout routine. Follow the safety instructions that are accompanied with the fitness equipment so that you are using it correctly. So many people dont read these vital instructions first and they wonder why they end up getting injured from their exercise routine. All it takes is 15-20 minutes of reading the manual and your equipped with the knowledge. So invest in this time wisely! Better safe then sorry.

Top Tip # 3 – Always Cool Down

My last top tip is an obvious one, but often an overlooked one. After you have warmed up, worked out and completed your exercises, its now time to begin the process of warming down. You’ll want to do this so that your muscles dont ache you the day after your workout session. All you have to do here, is simply stretch out your legs, mid-section and upper body, followed by a 3-5 minute walk. Cooling down avoids injury and cramping of the muscles after they have been exercised. If you dont warm down, you’ll feel like a truck hit you the next day and you’ll be stiff and sore. So try to avoid at all costs.

These are my top tips for giving you a safe and secure workout. Please bare them in mind before you decide to workout again.
It is only right to suggest that if you do under take any form of exercise, it is very important that you consult with your doctor before you begin to take on any physical challenges. Why do I say this? Well… Your doctor will be able to assess your current condition and be at hand to suggest to you the type of action you need to take. You see everyone is different when it comes to exercising their bodies. Some are able to withstand more challenging exercise obstacles then others. You will only ever know what you are capable of until you visit your local GP.

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