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What makes an excellent medicine? Most people yearn for a wonder drug of some kind. Others simply want things that work and have few side effects. And nearly everyone, child or adult, can agree that they want something cheap and something that tastes good. Listed below are five, popular and promising natural remedies that are so cheap, they might already be in your home!

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is the perfect example of a versatile, natural remedy that you probably already have at home. This vinegar is considered a powerful detoxification method. Mixed with a teaspoon or two and a glass of water, it functions as a potent blood and liver cleanser. The vinegar can also be added to a bath, along with Epson Salts as preferred, to draw out impurities from the blood. Even better, if you notice your hair is thinning, you can apply that volcano trick from elementary school to your scalp! That’s right: apply a little baking soda and rinse it away with diluted apple cider vinegar. This will actually restore your hair’s natural oil content, allowing it to repair whatever conventional shampoo chemicals have done.

St John’s Wort

There is an ongoing battle between holistic savants and psychiatric practitioners over whether or not this herb can treat depression. The great news is that some studies have shown that, yes, it can! Those who have taken St. John’s Wort as a tea twice a day for a month have reported substantial increases in mood. The scientific reason for this is because the plant contains a chemical called Hypericin, which can be found in higher concentrations as a pill at most health-foods stores. The warning among both natural health advocates and prescribing professionals is that St. John’s Wort interacts badly with other medicines, specifically SSRI’s.


Some people refer to these spritely yellow flowers as weeds. Would you believe that these tiny, unimposing flowers are actually veritable wonder drugs? The plants feature strongly in European, Chinese, and Native American Medicine. They provide a wide array of vitamins and minerals just by eating them. The leaves are valued for relieving bladder tension, stimulating the appetite, and with digestive difficulties. The roots aid the kidneys and the liver. There have even been some animal studies which show that Dandelion can regulate blood sugar levels. And best of all, it tastes good enough to be part of a kitchen. So, careful with that weed killer.


Few herbs are more common or well respected than Ginger. Like Dandelion, Ginger seems to do a bit of everything. Unlike Dandelion, however, Ginger is a corner-stone of natural and ancient medical systems across the world. Ayurvedic Tradition considers it a Fire-Enhancing Herb. It stimulates blood circulation, boosts the immune system, increases digestive function, and attacks congestive diseases relentlessly. Studies have also shown that it can even alleviate motion sickness.


Co-workers sometimes tease one another by giving this herb as a gift, saying it will help them think better. As a matter of fact, studies show that it does indeed have that property. Ginkgo can improve concentration in the young, memory in the old, and helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, it helps with circulation in the legs and extremities, and can help overcome dizziness and vertigo. This gifting and teasing at the office may be more beneficial than they realize.

These are just a few of the wonders in nature’s proverbial medicine cabinet. Those curious to learn more should seek out a licensed herbalist. But you should be encouraged to experiment! At the best, you will come to the realization that everything you need to feel your best is already around you. At worst, you will have a cool salad!

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Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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