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It is the desire of every weightlifter to increase muscle mass at some point in the years of slaving away at the gym. Whether you want to win a gold cup in a competition or even show off your sheer muscle mass and strength, in most cases you find yourself scrambling hurriedly from one machine to the other in the gym without a thought of how some exercises can help your muscles grow faster. This can be attributed to the fact that majority of people lack motivation, time constraints and more important the basic knowledge of top exercises to build muscle fast.

People feel the need to have well-defined abs and sculpted muscles in order to feel confident about themselves. The most important step you should take if you want to build powerful and lean muscles fast is by minimizing the use of machines that rob you of your muscle growth hormone. If you are serious about building muscle mass, here is a list of top 5 exercises that will definitely help you.

Barbell bench press

This is undoubtedly the king of chest muscles expansion that has been used globally for decades. It is a standard for building the strength and size of your chest muscles that majority of experts around the world have always recommended. You can perform barbell bench press in a few variations that are easy to execute. For instance, you can lie flat on an Olympic weight bench with your feet flat on the floor, your back and your head on the bench all times then un-rack the barbell bar and lower it to your chest. While keeping your legs, head and back on their respective positions, drive the bar straight up. Try as much as possible to avoid mistakes like performing barbell bench press while flaring out your elbows, keep them at least 45 degrees out of the body.


This is one of the best exercises to build muscle fast because it is considered as a full body workout that not only engages your lower body but also stimulates the release of anabolic hormones. They are more physically demanding than most workouts and hence stimulate more muscle activity and the appetite needed for your muscles to grow fast naturally. Unless performed properly, squats can place harsh stress and compression to your spine.
If you want to execute this muscle building workout properly, then you should always warm up. Also, keep your legs shoulder-width apart, your eyes straight ahead and tighten your abs and glutes as you perform this workout.


This is a common workout that works best for the steely sinews at the back of your forearms given that in most cases they are resilient to training and growth. However, the first recommendation before executing this muscle building workout is important that you get a decent set of lifting racks to ensure full back exhaustion. This exercise not only trains your back muscles but also the shoulders, the core and every other muscle within.
To perform this exercise, ensure that you load a comfortable weight on the bar after learning to do deadlifts properly because many people get injured doing it improperly. Keep your legs approximately shoulder width apart and focus on pushing your hips forward.

Military press

This is the most suitable exercise if you want to build cannonball delts fast. Just like any other exercise, ensure that you warm up the muscles affected by this exercise, especially the rotator cuff before executing this workout to stabilize your shoulder in order to avoid common gym injuries. After the warm up, take a grip with your hands apart, a little bit wider than your shoulder width then tighten up your cores as you press.

Weight dips

Performing this exercise in the right way is one of the quickest ways to build bigger triceps muscles and hence achieving bigger arms. Do not let the elbows flare out but instead keep them in towards the body if you want to get the best out of weight dips by exerting more tension to your triceps. Select an appropriate weight in order to help maintain good form and stress off the lower back.

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