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Running outdoors is currently one of the best exercises to enhance the body’s circulation, endurance, performance and overall health. However, since the exercise usually requires persistence under the scorching heat of the sun or whatever weather it may be, runners or even joggers may experience injuries along the course of their exercise.

Reasons for running injuries

According to Dr. Vishal Kancherla from the department of ADC Physical Medicine, the common running injuries are usually caused by improper body mechanics, overuse or running more than what the body can handle and the repetition of such injuries.

1. Tendinitis

Occurring at the Achilles tendon or the Achilles heel, tendinitis is most likely due to too much strain on the tendon during lengthy marathons or if the athlete has gone up the hill repeatedly. This leads to tightness and pain just above the heel, behind the calf.

2. Plantar fasciitis

Considered as the most common running injury, plantar fasciitis is a form of heel pain wherein the affected part is known as plantar fascia. The band of ligaments or tissues which connects the toes to the heel bone is collectively known as the plantar fascia. Inflammation of the plantar fascia can be due to long periods of running, overweight, tightened calf muscles, ill-fitting shoes and repetitive contact on hard surfaces; all of which can be associated with running.

3. Shin splints

Medically termed as tibial stress syndrome, shin splints is that aching and throbbing feeling you get inside your shins. This condition happens due to hairline breakage inside the lower bones of the legs. Swollen, overused and irritated muscles are also causes of shin splints and so as overstretching of the tendons.

Avoiding the injuries

Dr. Vishal Kancherla stated that the usual reasons for these injuries to occur are excessive speed, mileage and intensity. For one to overcome these injuries, it is best to slow it down. Since the majority of these injuries are caused by too much stress on the bones and muscles, it is advisable to take it bit by bit and never try to burn yourself with too much training.

Warming up before starting the sport is also an important factor in running. Doing some stretching will allow proper circulation of blood and oxygen through the system, conditioning the body for the activity. Make sure to cool down after warming up.

Above everything else, you should choose  comfortable running shoes that fits your feet perfectly. Professional runners know that the sport requires not just a compatible pair of shoes but they had to be worn by basing it on the plantar type. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes will definitely put a toll on your feet.

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