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Does your profession expect you to sit in front of the computer for long hours? Or do you sit and spend long hours playing games and working on your computer? Staring at the computer screens throughout the day will take a toll at your peepers. Chances are there to hurt your vision process if the strain is not minimized. You might sense a sort of irritation and dryness on your eyes at the end of the day. People have started living a hectic lifestyle which adds on pressure on to the bodies. Eyes are very sensitive and they are the first ones to be affected. Hence, it is very important to take care of your vision and eyes.  Here are certain tips that will help you to get relieved from the usual office eye strain.

Top 11 Eye Exercises and Tips To Prevent Strain On Your Ever Working Eyes



Proper Eye-Breaks

Make sure to look away from your computer screen once in every 15 minutes. It is recommended to have a closer look at the objects so as to give work to your cuticles. A good exercise is to look at objects that are closer and far away so as to give maximum work to your eye balls. Windows are good objects to look at. Try to look at objects that are green in color.

Blink Your Eyes

Do not forget to blink your eyes once in two minutes.  Else, you might end up drying your vision process which will cause a sense of irritation. It is observed that we tend to blink for five times when we stare at the computer screen.  Blinking process helps to lubricate the eyes which will help in smooth functioning.

Eye Exercises

It is highly recommended to spend at least two to three minutes to carry out regular eye exercises. Restrooms can be the best place to carry out the exercises where you can rotate and blink your eyes alternatively. This process helps in alleviating the eye strain to a certain extent. Try to Google and find out the exercises that are meant for eyes.

Eye Drops

Eye drops can help you to get relieved at times when too much pressure is exerted on your eyes. Eyes tend to dry out during the winter conditions and the drops can be handy. Applying these drops helps to lubricate the eyes. Your doctors should prescribe the eye drops and do not try anything on your own.

Have a Face Wash

Having a face wash once in two hours is a good thing to carry out. It helps in removing the dead cells on your skin and keep them glowed. It also lubricates and cools down the nerve cells in face which will brighten your vision.

Adjust the Computer Screen

Adjusting the brightness, contrast and color pattern of the computer screen is really important. These factors might add or reduce the burden on your vision process. One should always maintain a healthy state of color brightness and contrast.

Place Objects At Your Eye Level

Your work station or the computer screen should be placed at your eye level. It is a good practice to have them adjusted so that eyes need not be strained to read the lines. Increase the default font size if you find it difficult to read under normal conditions. The screen should be at your arm’s length away and not more than that. Make sure to lay your back flat on the chair.

Take Breaks

A coffee break in every one hour or a walk should help you to cope with these problems. Looking at the computer screen will make you tired and looking at colorful objects will help you to get relieved from the stress. Doctors recommend going for a walk once in two hours to enjoy the nature’s sightseeing. A best way is to have a walk around the office building after your lunch which will help you to get some fresh air outside. You can also speak to your friend whom you have met long time back.

Plenty of Water

Drink plenty of water which will circulate a healthy proportion of blood to the nerve cells. If you are a coffee lover, it is mandatory to drink good amount of water as caffeine tends to dry out the eye balls. Drinking adequate amount of water also helps your body to stay healthy. It provides a kind of lubrication to all parts of the body.

Healthy Diet

You should include healthy food items like carrot, kale, eggs, avocados as they are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that are good for eyes. Drinking carrot juices will also help to cure any eye related problems. Try to include vegetables and fruits as a part of your food item so that you will have the advantage of having essential nutrients without spending extra time.

Wear your Glasses

Even if you have a minor corrective power, it is recommended to wear the eye glasses recommended by the doctor. Most people tend not to use such glasses which will complicate the problems in the long run.


All the above said rules are generally applicable when you work on the laptops. It is recommended to create a table like environment to keep your laptop and start working. Most people have the habit of keeping them in the laps and continue working. This will lead to dangerous problems and should be avoided at any cost.

Regular Check-Ups

When was the last time you had an appointment with an ophthalmologist? Eyes are vital organs and need to be checked regularly. It is recommended to meet the doctor at least once in two years to take care of your eyes.

The above said tips will be very useful and fruitful if follow them religiously. The results can be very much encouraging and you will see a sea of difference in the long run. It is very important to give utmost care to your eyes without which the entire world might be blacked out. Prevention is better than cure. Hence, it is always advisable to do regular eye exercises and take regular breaks during the working hours. So, have you made your mind to follow these tips?

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