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Building muscles requires proper planning. The planning not only deals with the exercises one needs to undertake, rather it also deals with the way one spends the whole day so that the activities of the whole day support the workout.

However, most of the people have such a busy and dynamic routine that it is difficult for them to plan their whole day keeping in view the workout hours. They either go to gym later in the evening after long working hours, or sneak sometime between the chores they have to do. Therefore, for them there should be some effective tips so that they could perform an effective workout.

1. A healthy breakfast

Although breakfast would be way before the time before you workout in the evening, however, the effects of it last till the evening. Breakfast is the start of the day therefore, your day must have a healthy start primarily comprising of protein and complex carbohydrates. With these two macronutrients, your body receives the energy as well as the proteins that help the muscles build up and be ready for the daily hectic routine in addition to the evening workout. Therefore, the importance of healthy breakfast should never be ignored regardless of whenever you are working out.

2. Don’t hit the gym with an empty stomach

The most important thing pertaining to workout is that you should not workout with empty stomach. The primary reason it is not advised is because it an empty stomach means that the body does not have food, and the absence of food means lack of source of energy. Therefore, working out in such a condition may lead to injury or an improper workout.

On the other hand, if you are considering something to eat before the workout, then you should make sure that the foods you consume should be easily digested so that your stomach doesn’t upset during the workout. In this regard, you have to make sure about the kind of food you eat and how much time before the workout do you eat it, so that the body receives proper energy during the workout without any disturbance.

3. High protein meal

The popular notion is that you can consume a fast digesting carbs diet before the workout for better performance. Although the notion might be true in some cases, however, for majority of people and in numerous cases consuming a protein rich meal before the workout has been found to be more effective. You must consume a protein rich diet at least an hour before the workout so that they are properly digested before the start of the workout. Bodybuilders who use healthy pre-workout foods and supplements make sure of the fact that protein is a major part of it and is slow digesting so that muscles have strength for a longer period of time.

4. Avoid stress

When you work out the level of stress hormones in the body rises naturally thus effecting the performance. Therefore, there is no need of increasing the stress hormone level before the workout. Besides the general stress one takes, consuming excessive carbs also leads to increase in stress hormones, therefore, you must avoid both as much as possible before the workout.

5. Caffeine

In the evening, your mind is totally exhausted because of the office work, therefore, you don’t have the proper concentration level. Thus in order to boost your concentration level, you need to take a caffeine supplement before the workout. This will give a spike to your neurons and eventually you will have a better concentration level.


In short, the kind of workout you perform highly depends upon the planning that is put into it. However, if you don’t find time to layout your day accordingly, then the aforementioned tips can help you the best in getting a proper workout.


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Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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