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The Non Diet Lose Weight Without DietingWhat if you could lose weight, feel better, and be healthier without going on a diet? To good to be true? I don’t believe so.

There is no doubt that you will lose weight on a “diet.” The problem is that statistics show that there is a good chance you will gain it back in the long term. Diets don’t consider the raw emotional side when they begin restricting. Emotionally when you hear he word diet you imediately begin to think of all the things you will need to deprive yourself of in order to be successful. You tell yourself that you cannot have certain foods and you must exercise like an athlete or you will not achieve your goals. Even worse, diets usually create a desire to constantly feel a need to compare yourself to others of whom you think you should physically look like even when you do not have similar physical attributes. Inevitably, you are setting yourself up to fail.

If the goal is to lose weight, feel better and become healthier than if you are dieting, you are going about it all wrong! There is a healthier way, the Non Diet way.

The Non Diet is the most healthy and natural way to lose weight and feel great. Unlike traditional diets that limit your food intake, demand that you count calories or deprive you of certain foods, the Non Diet is a new way of thinking and listening to your body.

The Non Diet focuses on three concepts: Be mindful of your hunger, pay attention to the foods your body needs and craves and stop eating when you are full.

Be Mindful of Your Hunger

There are two very common reasons that people tend to eat and neither has anything to do with actual hunger. The first is they are bored and have trained themselves to wander into the kitchen and begin snacking. The second is they eat when they are stressed; in other words, they are emotional eaters. The purpose of eating is to fuel your body which neither of the aforementioned reasons attribute to. So what would happen if every time you went to eat you asked yourself, “am I actually hungry?” You would quickly learn how to listen to your body and train yourself to eat when your body is in need of fuel instead of eating unnecessarily.

Pay Attention to the Foods Your Body Needs

Now that you have determined that yes in fact you are actually hungry and not just feeding your emotional needs, what do you eat on the Non Diet? There are no rules. No lists of foods to eat and not to eat. No counting calories. Instead think logically and healthy and focus on the things that actually give your body the nutrients it needs. For example, instead of having donuts for breakfast which will definitely cure your hunger try having some scrambled eggs and fruit. Although either choice will fill the hunger void, the latter will supply your body with the nutrients it needs and work with your body instead. Your body naturally knows what it needs and if you pay attention to it you will see what effects the foods you eat have on your individual body.

Stop Eating when you are Full

This last concept does not need explaining — if you’re full then stop eating, even if your plate is not clean.
It really can’t get much easier than this but there are a few additional benefits to the Non Diet.

Additional Benefits

  • Not feeling deprived
  • Freedom from diets and rules
  • Improved self esteem – feeling comfortable with yourself

The goal is to listen to your body and achieve a natural weight for you. So stop depriving yourself and counting calories and begin listening to what your body has to say.

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