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Although it isn’t known exactly where acupuncture originated from, it is thought to have started in China thousands of years ago. With the history of acupuncture comes a legend about a Chinese soldier who was suffering the effects of what we call a frozen shoulder. His doctor, after many failed attempts, wasn’t able to assist him. The soldier during battle was shot in the affected area with an arrow which made his pain disappear. The doctor, after hearing about this miracle, successfully treated other patients with the same symptoms by poking an arrow through the area. Over the years the use of arrows changed to needles as we now know it today.

Is it Safe?

Contrary to popular belief, the process of Acupuncture is surprisingly safe; it is rare for any patient to catch a disease from the process. Each and every needle is sterilized and even disposable. However, there is a possibility of having a bruise on the affected area for a couple of days. Also, after the treatment the infected part of your body can become aggravated, this is rare but if experienced it should only last for a day or two.

Acupuncture in Action

Just about everything inside your body is happening because neurons are sending signals throughout your body to each cell in your body. The Chinese have come across the fact that the energy in the body flows through what is known as ‘meridians’ or paths. When someone feels the effects of pain or diseases, it is most likely because these meridians are experiencing an unbalanced flow of energy, whether too much or not enough. Acupuncture releases endorphins into the body to relieve pain and assists in increasing the nervous system’s functionality.

Acupuncture’s Effectiveness

Acupuncture has many great effects on one’s body. Placing needles in the correct places on the body can increase the body’s blood circulation it can also relieve and even eliminate pain in the neck and headaches as well as migraines and many other symptoms. It can not only reduce pain in one’s body but it can also stop toddlers from wetting the bed and preventing them from many types of illness including ear ache and arthritis.

Treatment of Acupuncture

Everyone’s body is different so one person may see the results they are looking for immediately while another person might not see them for around a month. It is suggested to have acupuncture done at least twice per week for a couple of weeks and then cut back and allow the results to take full effect. After your first couple of visits, it is common for your level of pain to increase slightly but continuing the procedure will result in the suffering to eliminate itself.


With the many great effects of Acupuncture, there is no doubt that it is one of the safest and most effective methods to treat patients today with any kind of chronic pain or most diseases as well as depression, acne and many known skin disorders.


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