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Aside from offering the ultimate in relaxation, a good night’s sleep provides numerous health benefits to our bodies. Here’s a look at how a full eight hours each evening can boost your well being:

Encourages a good mood

A deep sleep helps our body to unwind and readjust our minds, reorganising thoughts and making sense of any stresses and concerns. If your body is not getting the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep a night, this can lead to both mental and physical anxiety being heightened. At first lack of sleep will only dampen your mood and cause mild irritation, but over time sleep deprivation can lead to more serious conditions like ADHD and depression. With the right amount of sleep, you’ll have more energy and it goes without saying that more energy will help you feel better about everyday life!

Reduces the likelihood of heart attack

Did you know that the right amount of sleep can actually help increase your life span? Those who don’t get enough sleep are at greater risk of dying early and one of the reasons for this is increased likelihood of high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Improves balance

If you want to see an improvement in general wellbeing, well rested nights can help improve your balance and allow you to function on a higher level. This decreases the likelihood of accidents and feeling clumsy, meaning you can get more done in your waking life.

Helps maintain a healthy weight

Finally, extensive research has shown that those who aren’t getting a full night’s sleep are more likely to suffer from weight gain and even obesity. This is due to the hunger hormones which are affected by a disturbed kip. If your body is not getting the rest it needs, leptin (a hormone which controls our appetite and speeds up our metabolism) is produced in less quantity, whilst ghrelin (a hormone which encourages appetite) is produced in a higher quantity. This change in hormonal balance means that on waking, a light sleeper will crave more food and is also more likely to want foods that are unhealthy – foods which are high in cholesterol and saturated fats.

It’s not just physiological activities during sleep which can affect weight gain. Generally when we are tired, we are more likely to reach for comfort food and high caffeine drinks to get us through the day. We are more likely to skip the gym and if we’re too tired to cook we grab a takeaway or a ready meal. If we continue this pattern, then our weight is naturally going to creep up.

With all these health benefits taken into consideration, it’s a case of the sooner you get the right amount of sleep the better. You might not notice the effects of not enough sleep straight away, but when you do start getting enough sleep – the difference will be almost instant! Wake up each morning feeling refreshed and alive, instead of down and groggy.

Not sure how to improve your sleeping habits? Take a look at the condition of your current mattress, if your body is not getting the right support each night you will be tossing and turning which disrupts your sleep pattern. What about your regular bedtime? Perhaps it’s just a case of getting into bed too late every evening?

If you experience ongoing sleeping difficulties, seek advice from a doctor to check that there are no other underlying medical issues to blame.

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