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Just the thought of taking a cold shower in the early morning during winter makes you want to change your mind about going to work bathed. Cold showers can sound pretty unpleasant especially for those who are already used to bathing in warm, soothing droplets of water. Surprisingly, letting cold water run through your system has its amazing beneficial effects.

Strengthens immunity

Despite the controversies stating that cold water can do more harm than good, numerous studies could say otherwise. According to an article written by L.Jansky and company, from the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology, if a person was repeatedly exposed to a non-infectious stimulus, like cold water immersions, the person’s immunity is activated to a minimal but significant extent.

Potent treatment for depression

Based on an article by Nikolai Shevchuk, people who are exposed to cold environments like being soaked in cold water, tends to activate the release of nor-adrenaline from the sympathetic nervous system which also results in the increase of beta-endorphin in the blood level. His study also permitted the idea that the increased density of the skin’s cold receptors is being overwhelmed, influencing the brain impulses thus causing an effect on decreasing the levels of depression.

Contributes to a healthier hair and skin

Complaining of dry hair and skin? Well, you’ll be amazed that one of the most natural ways to have a more glowing skin and a shinier hair is to drench in cold water. The action of cold on the skin is that it generally constricts the pores which then “locks in” natural oils that are responsible for moisturizing the skin. Typically, the concept is the same with the hair.

Improves blood circulation

Despite of what people know about hot water being able to dilate blood vessels, its counterpart acts to improve blood’s circulation. Aside from having a good effect on the body’s blood distribution, cold water is also said to flush out excess toxins within the body that is very advantageous for the strengthening and firming of the muscles.

Increases testosterone levels

In 1993, a study was made by a research institute in England which mainly focuses on cold showers being correlated with the high levels of testosterone in men. This is why it is quite beneficial for men to pamper themselves to 10 to 15 minutes of cold bath either in the morning or during the evening.

Random benefits

Aside from what was mentioned above, cold showers can also decrease inflammation especially after working out, improves breathing and strengthens the lungs and aids in achieving a goodnight’s sleep.

Now, with all the benefits stated, are you still going to hold back on a nice, cold shower?

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