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The 5 Main Causes for Headaches“If you suffer from headaches everyday, even if they are mild, then you know how irritating they can be. There are hundreds of causes for headaches, but many people are unaware that they can help reduce the amount of headaches that they feel by identifying the source of the headache and addressing the deeper problem. According to the Mayo Clinic, over 70 percent of people who suffer from frequent headaches have mild, tension headaches that are easily treatable. Another main cause of headaches are related to the condition of your teeth. Many tooth problems can also lead to frequent headaches. Identifying the root cause of your headache can help you relieve the pain and live the rest of your life headache-free. Explore these five main causes for headaches to discover if your headaches have any of the following common causes”:

Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar can lead to headaches in many people. When some people skip meals or do not eat a balanced diet, the sugar levels in your body can drop to unusual levels. This can trigger headaches and feelings of lethargy. The best way to eliminate this kind of headache is to eat regular meals full of complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. A diet high in sugar, caffeine, or other stimulants can also lead to blood sugar problems and nagging headaches.


Stress can be a huge cause of headaches for many people. When a person is stressed, their entire body becomes tense. This tension in the shoulders, back, face, and neck can lead to lingering headaches. Stress headaches feel like a gripping or squeezing pain on the sides or front of the head. The best way to eliminate stress headaches is to eat balanced meals, exercise regularly, use good posture, and spend time each day de-stressing, such as with a hot shower, massage, or long walk.

Food Additives

For some people, food sensitivities can lead to frequent headaches. Many chemical additives and chemical preservatives can cause headaches in people with allergies or sensitivities to those additives. Some of the most common additives associated with frequent headaches are chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and some cheeses. If you believe that foods are the culprit for your headaches, keep a food diary for a few weeks and note what you ate before any headache started. This can help identify the source of the problem. Avoiding the food or additives in the future should reduce the amount of headaches you feel.


Fatigue and overexertion can both lead to frequent headaches. Try to sleep at least seven hours each night and keep a regular schedule, if possible. Sitting with poor posture for extended periods can also lead to headaches, as can sleeping in uncomfortable positions. Overexertion can also lead to headaches, so avoid overdoing it at the gym or during any form of physical activity. Drinking enough water during the day can also help avoid headaches due to fatigue or overexertion.

Teeth Problems

Your teeth can actually be a main cause for frequent headaches as well. If you have none of the above problems, then your teeth might be the culprit. Grinding your teeth at night due to stress can cause headaches. Temporoamandibular disorder or TMD, which is a stress on the teeth and jaw from tooth grinding, eating hard foods, gum chewing, and other activities, can also cause headaches. Both absessed teeth and cavities can also cause headaches because the nerves of the teeth are exposed. When the nerves are triggered, they may send out pain signals throughout the head and face, not just in the problem tooth area. Your dentist can help identify any problems with your teeth and correct them so you feel fewer headaches related to your teeth health in the future.

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