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Very often, it has been seen that women juggle 10 tasks at a time—be it office or home. Being busy in their schedule, they tend to ignore the health issues that they have been facing. However, it is not correct for them to do so, as women suffer lethal conditions earlier, when compared to men. A small discomfort may be a signal of a big disease. So, instead of hoping the problem to go away on its own and ignoring it, it is better that you know certain issues that are likely to occur as you grow older and of course, their symptoms.

Having the knowledge of the disease, will let you take care of it and stay protected. Listed below are few of the ailments that are awfully common among women.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a very frequent disease among women of all age groups, but chances become higher after the menopause.


Often, it has been observed that a lump on the breast is the very first symptom and it is the one that is overlooked most of the times. Serious symptoms include prolong breast pain and nipple discharge. Also, there could be a depression on the breast, which may prove to be lethal again. Of course, there will be a change in the way it feels.

It is better to go for breast screening, even if you feel slight change in the way your breast feels, to avoid serious problem.

Cervical cancer

This form of cancer occurs on the lower part of the womb, where cervix is located. It is likely, to happen in women at the age of 25-66.


It can be suspected if, there is bleeding after the intercourse or menopause. Also, the vagina may smell very unpleasant. Having a feel of discomfort during sex is also a symptom of this kind of cancer.

It is always good to go for a ‘smear test’ in the interval of every 3 to 5 years. It cannot be classified as a cancer test, but the changes in the cell prior to cancer can be detected in this test.

Ovarian cancer

It is another common kind of cancer, which appears in women after their menopause. Generally, it attacks the women after the age of 46. Early suspicion is difficult to make, as the symptoms are not serious.


Discomfort in stomach, nausea, indigestion and vaginal bleeding are few of the symptoms. Worst scenario could be frequent urination or urgency of it


Although, it affects both men and women, but the ratio in women is found to be more. The bone becomes thinner because of the incapability of producing new bone tissues, so a fall can also be harmful. Usually, osteoporosis occurs after menopause. It is more likely to occur, if there is an early menopause or the ovaries have been removed.


Bone fracture is very common in osteoporosis. You may also have pain in the wrist, hips, waist and spine.


Again a common occurrence in women! If the blood vessels to the brain gets clotted or bursts, then due to the lack of oxygen, a person suffers brain stroke.


People may find it funny, but often a person is not able to pronounce things correctly or doesn’t speak things that go well. This is the usual symptom of left hemisphere stroke. Nonsense talks, weakness pertaining to a particular side, blurry vision & headache. In many cases, the person may suffer from short term amnesia.

There is nothing that you can do in such a case other than calling for a medical help.

Go greener in your later days, by knowing certain common diseases well, so that you can take proper step instead of panicking. I don’t say that every single symptom should raise an alert, but it is hard to distinguish between “no big deal” and disastrous, so it is better to observe the symptoms well rather than ignoring it.

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