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Seven Ways to Motivate YourselfThere comes a time in our lives when we find ourselves regretting with things that we failed to do. Either we lacked the courage or we simply don’t feel like doing it, most of the time, we find it really difficult to do what’s on our head no matter how much we look forward to doing it. Indeed, staying motivated to do the things that we want to do is something not too many people are gifted. More often than not, a lot of us are faced with negative feelings or the anxiety of failure. Whatever it is that’s stopping you from doing what you really dream of, now is the right time to break yourself free from that bondage to keep yourself going on and on until you’ve achieved your goals.

  1. Be inspired – Ask yourself. Why is it that you want to do something? What is it that’s keeping you going? Start with a goal in mind and you’ll have a clearly defined idea on the reason why you want achieve greater heights in life. Look up to somebody for inspiration. Either you want to do it for someone else’s benefits or just to give yourself a sense of satisfaction, the one thing that’ll keep you going is the reason behind why you need to keep pushing through.
  2. Organize yourself – One of the many reasons why so many people’s motivation flickers is that they fail to organize their plans and so they don’t know where they’re heading to and how they’ll achieve their goals. If you want to make sure that your time is not wasted and that everything do you becomes an accomplished task, schedule your activities and learn how to prioritize what should be done NOW from the things that could wait until tomorrow.
  3. Stay focused – Staying focused is possible, first, when you eliminate distractions. For example, if you’re writing an essay and you want it done today, you’ll never be able to finish what you’re doing when your internet is on and when everyone’s message is popping up screen. Know how to isolate yourself from all the distractions. Cut your connection, turn off your phone, close the door, tell the people in your house not to disturb you because you’re in the middle of doing something important. Most of all, pick the time of the day when you feel like working. It could be late in the evening or during the dawn, when everyone else is sleeping and the chances of getting disturbed is low.
  4. Make an agreement with yourself – Staying focused on something is a matter of affirming yourself that you can do it! How? Write it down! Write your aspirations and the things that you want to achieve NOW. Make sure to write a clear statement unto how it’s going to happen and what are the steps that you need to take to make it happen.
  5. Put the end in mind – Always tell yourself that there is a deadline on what you’re doing and you have to finish it or else you’ll face a disappointing consequence. But also, assure yourself that a greater reward is at the finish line once you’ve done something good on time.
  6. Do things one at a time – Don’t be a jack of all trades. Admit it, you can’t do everything at the same time, so if it seems that the task is too big, learn how to slice it up into easy- and fast-to-accomplishes pieces. If you have a staff under you and you’re working on a big project, learn to delegate if it means getting the project done ahead of time.
  7. Reward yourself – Always be good to yourself. Learn to give yourself a break once you’ve done something worthwhile. You deserve it because you’ve worked so hard on it. And because you’re looking forward to it, let’s say, every pay day or each time a milestone has been closed, you’ll unconsciously condition your mind to give your best so you can enjoy the satisfaction of your hard work.

So each time that you think that you’re on the ebb of sinking and not achieving something, rescue yourself with these motivational steps that will keep you kicking and going. Remember, it’s not just discipline that you need. It’s also a good deal of mind setting that will help you realize your plans and achieve your goals.

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