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Seven Quick Remedies To Banish Hunger And See Faster Weight Loss Success If you’re like most people, the one thing that can instantly make you go from following your diet plan to throwing it out the window and choosing something to eat you know you shouldn’t is hunger.
Even the most dedicated dieter can be thrown off as soon as their stomach starts rumbling and food seems to be all they can think about.  Fortunately, you can work to overcome this problem.
If you utilize a few key tricks and techniques, you can help to reduce the level of hunger you feel while on your fat loss diet plan and see a faster rate of success in the process.
While some hunger is typically always present given the fact you’re consuming fewer calories than your body would ideally like each day, you definitely can minimize it.

Here’s what you should do.

Sip Hot Tea

The very first quick tip to help you beat hunger is to start sipping hot tea whenever that hunger feeling strikes.  The warm liquid tends to be very soothing to the stomach and it’s completely calorie free provided you aren’t adding any sugar.
Earn extra weight loss brownie points if you go for green tea as this particular beverage will help to provide a slight boost to your metabolic rate as well.

Balance Your Meals Throughout The Day

Moving along, the next must-do for success is to make sure your meals are balanced throughout the day. Many dieters make the mistake of eating a very low calorie breakfast (or skipping it entirely!), eating nothing but a light salad and diet Coke for lunch, and then trying to get through the afternoon on a few pieces of gum.
Then they go home in the evening and their hunger is so out of control, they can’t help but binge on foods they shouldn’t be eating.
Instead, start spreading your calories out evenly.  Starting the day with a well-balanced breakfast is going to go a long way towards blocking off hunger mid-morning.

Nosh On Cottage Cheese

For a quick snack that’s incredibly satisfying, try cottage cheese with some flaxseeds sprinkled in.  Cottage cheese contains a source of protein known as casein protein, which breaks down more slowly in the body and will keep you satisfied for hours at a time.
The addition of the healthy fats from flax-seeds further slows the digestion process, really ensuring you see optimal hunger control.

Drink Up

The next tip to remember is to stay well hydrated.  The fact of the matter is that many dieters mistake thirst for hunger and eat when they really should be drinking.
Make sure you are consuming at least 8 glasses of water per day or more. If you struggle to get that much water down, consider adding in a few slices of orange or even a few pieces of watermelon your glass.  This will add a nice hint of flavor without contributing any calories.

It’s a far better option than going for diet soda, which is laden with artificial sweeteners.

Keep Busy

Sometimes the biggest threat to your hunger level is boredom. If you often find yourself bored and without nothing to do during the day, take note if this is the time when you also tend to experience the greatest hunger.
If so, keeping busy is your solution. The busier you are throughout the day, the less you’re going to notice your hunger. Sometimes even thinking about food can make you hungry, so keep your mind occupied so it doesn’t get this chance.

Choose Lean Proteins As The Foundation Of Your Diet

The one macronutrient that is going to be best for calming your hunger while dieting is protein.  By focusing each meal and snack you consume around a lean source of protein, you’ll be doing your best to battle your hunger pains.
Protein is also especially important while focusing on fat loss to help maintain your muscle tissue, which helps to keep your metabolic rate high.

Top protein choices to turn to include chicken and turkey breast, egg whites, lean red meat, fish and seafood, low-fat dairy products, and whey protein powder.

Get Active

Finally, the last quick tip that will help you put a stop to that hunger that’s destroying your diet efforts is to get active.  You likely already know all the core benefits of physical activity, but most people don’t realize it’s excellent for beating hunger as well.
As long as you are sure you don’t overdo it (as too much activity can just increase hunger), physical exercise serves as an excellent way to suppress your appetite.
A 10 minute brisk walk when hunger strikes can be the perfect way to overcome this almost instantly.
So there you have the main points to note about beating hunger.  Next time you feel your stomach rumbling, remember these tips and put one of them into action so that hunger doesn’t get you down.

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  1. Angela S.

    I have found that green tea helps beat my hunger. I’m not sure why, but I think liquid in general fills up the stomach and therefore, stops the hunger for a short while. All are definitely good tips. Thanks Lindsay.

  2. Dhiraj

    Surely the most effective tips to get some dramatic results over time, if we follow the correct guidelines and the steps, we will surely be on the way to reduce our weight and gain a more fitter and slimmer body. Thanks for posting such a useful article 🙂

  3. Mike

    Yea.. I really loved the points you mentioned above, and it’s certain to be very effective, drinking water and keeping your nutrients balanced is the most important points to be noticed. However, all of the points are necessary.
    Liked your post a lot mate !!


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