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Exercise is very important. Not only will it keep you fit and healthy, it will also make you look and feel good about yourself. Despite the busy schedule, every individual should make it a point to exercise and create a full body workout routine. However, not all workout plans work best for all types of body. That is why creating a workout plan should depend on one’s age, needs, personality, preference, fitness goals, fitness level and of course, budget.

Assuming you’ve already determined the activities you enjoy, how much time you can devote in order to achieve your fitness goals, a workout plan does not end there. Here are 5 important things that should be included in your road towards a healthy body.

Warm Up

Before engaging in any physical activity, warming up is important wherein the body is brought into a condition that can safely respond to a quick and efficient action. This is essential in order to prepare the muscles to be used as well as activate the energy system of the body that is needed for the activity. It is also efficient in burning calories and preventing injuries. This can be done through bouncing or flexing and stretching the muscles or walking at a low intensity.

Strength Conditioning and Training

Strength training does not necessarily mean muscle building rather it is about developing one’s ability to exert force when strength is required. In this component, strength and good posture is created and at the same time, muscle is built or toned while lower back injury is reduced.

Focus on every major muscle group including arms, legs, back, chest and stomach. If you have access to a gym, you can do these using weight lifting machines available. But if you opt for inexpensive equipment or exercises, resistance bands, dumbbells, deadlifts, abdominal crunches, shoulder press, lunges, push up or pull up and leg squats can be resorted to.

Cardiovascular Component

The cornerstone of fitness training programs, a cardio workout is essential for the cardiovascular system thereby playing an important role in losing weight by performing an aerobic activity. It is where the nutrients are partitioned towards the muscles rather than the fat cells while maximizing the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Cardio does not have to be limited on running. Cardio routines include walking, dance workout, stationary bike, jump rope, swimming, or outdoor activities such as Ultimate Frisbee or playing sports like basketball or volleyball. Walking your dog or playing and running around with your kids are also considered as a cardio workout.

Mobility and Flexibility Training

Mobility is the range of motion around a particular joint. It is where all the muscles are involved wherein some muscles need to be pulled while the other muscles need to be relaxed in order to allow pulling. Mobility exercises include joint rotations of fingers, wrists, shoulders, arms, neck, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

On the other hand, flexibility is the ability to move the body parts through a full range of motion, thus reducing the risk of injury. It also plays an important role in keeping oneself fit since there are certain activities that require more flexibility compared to other exercises. In order to increase one’s flexibility, stretching exercises can be done as it improves the joints’ range of motion as well as one’s posture.

Cool Down

Ending your exercise routines should not be abrupt. In cooling down phase, the body will gradually transition from an exercise state to a resting or near-resting state. It also prevents blood pooling, thus reducing the chances of dizziness and fainting while bringing the heart rate down gradually. It involves a slow jog, walk, stretch or rehydration for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

By continuously performing your workout plan, combined with healthy diet and discipline, you will surely achieve that desired body in no time.

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