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Overcoming the Epstein-Barr Virus NaturallyThis is a story of my daughter overcoming the Epstein-Barr virus naturally. I usually like to brag about my children never having to go to the doctor for illness for the past 20 years. But, there was one exception where I actually had to take my high school age daughter to the doctor for an illness.
Normally, kids can get well with a little time and TLC (tender loving care). I used garlic pills a lot whenever they’d get a cold or flu. Garlic is the “poor man’s medicine” and is known to kill all viruses, bacteria, germs, and fungus. However, this time she wasn’t getting well. She just kept getting worse laying around with a bad sore throat. At the time, I didn’t know about how powerful a lemon-garlic drink can be and that it could have helped her even more than garlic pills.

The Epstein-Barr virus or EBV is just another name for mono (mononucleosis) or chronic fatigue syndrome. The symptoms of mono can vary from person to person, but generally anyone who gets it can have any one or more of these symptoms:

  • Severe sore throat, which doesn’t seem to get better.
  • Fever
  • Weakness and fatigue or malaise
  • Body aches or headaches
  • Skin with a yellowish tint or even a rash
  • Problems breathing
  • Lack of interest in food and apparent weight loss
  • Night Sweats
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Pain and tenderness near the left side of the stomach where the spleen is – This one can be an emergency as their is a chance of the spleen bursting.

I took her to a medical doctor. He ran a test to find out if she might have strep throat or mono. While we were waiting for the results, he said that he could prescribe some antibiotics, which would help if she had strep throat. However, if she had mono, it would actually make her worse.

When we came in for our next appointment, he told us that she had EBV or mono. He said there was nothing he could do for that and wished us luck. She could possibly have it for months or years and would be very sleepy. The only good that came out of the doctor visit was to have her condition diagnosed.

I couldn’t figure out how she could have gotten this sickness. It’s typically a “kissing” disease, and she never had even had a boyfriend. I found out that she’d been sharing germs at school with her friends. They would drink from the same containers and share their food back and forth. She was very popular and had many friends, so there was no way of pinpointing the specific person who might have given it to her.

I knew of a lady named Vicki Sorenson, who was a master herbalist in Cedar City, Utah. So, I decided to take my daughter to her to see what could be done naturally. She suggested that I do three things to help her get better. By this time, my daughter was a lot worse. So, these three tips on how to overcome the Epstein-Barr Virus naturally ended up being very helpful.

  • One glass of fresh raw carrot juice every morning –  I think the big secret to this suggestion is in the high amount of vitamin A in carrot juice. Carrots are already very high in beta carotene, which is the most natural and usable source of vitamin A. If you have a sufficient amount of vitamin A, your body is able to have stronger immunity to invaders. It also helps to protect the mucosal linings of the throat. In order to get enough carrot juice to equal 8 oz., I needed 5 medium to large sized carrots  and a high quality juicer. Luckily, we already had a Jack La Lanne Power Juicer. I knew how to use it already, so this step was easy. And, my kids all loved fresh carrot juice.
  • One packet of Emergen-C drink powder every 4 hours – These Emergen-C packets are really fun for kids, since they fiz up when added to half a cup of water. They are a natural source of high vitamin C and B vitamins, all essential for the getting-well process. Vitamin C has been proven to be a very effective supplement to take when sick. I try to keep these on hand for sick times, but my family tends to just gobble them all up. I went and bought a box of the packets. There are about 36 in a box, and they cost around $8-10 for each box.  There are many flavors; lemon-lime, tangerine, orange, and cherry to name a few.
  • Immune-supporting herbs that include astragalusThe herb combination had to include astragalus. We were told that astragalus does something to the EBV to make it visible to the immune system. Normally, with EBV or mono, it is so good at hiding in the body that the white blood cells can’t find the virus to even attack it. Therefore, a person can have this lingering sickness and problems with fatigue and needing a lot more sleep for months or years. For some people, it never seems to go away. Of course, there are other herbs in the formula that we tried that help to strengthen and support the immune system. Here in Southern Utah, we have a Grandma’s Herbs shop that carries the type of mix that Vicki recommended. She has her own set of high-quality herbs that she sells and which we probably used.

By following Vicki’s advice, my daughter got better within a week and was back to school. Going the natural route was the best choice we could have made. We’d already tried the medical route, which may have helped if she’d had strep throat. However, it’s not that great to use antibiotics that not only kill all the bad bacteria but all the good bacteria as well in that case. Normally, garlic pills or fresh garlic should be very effective in fighting off an illness. Garlic usually helps and doesn’t kill the probiotics in your digestive system like antibiotics would have.

Apparently, mono can become dormant in a lot of people. Whenever they get stressed or have a compromised immune system, it can flare up. The simplest treatment is to just sleep a lot, this allows the body to eventually recover. The sleeping is something that will help with any cold or flu as it contributes to the repair and rejuvenation of the body.

If you’ve had EBV or don’t want to ever get it, make sure that you drink plenty of water for good health.  Eliminate the junk foods and eat more steamed or raw vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruits, and beans. What you eat daily has a large influence on how well you are able to handle stress and invaders that may be in your food. Don’t share germs with people, and try to always get adequate sleep. Then, follow the three tips outlined above, and you too can overcome the Epstein-Barr virus naturally if you ever come in contact with it.

Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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  1. Katie

    I thought you might want to fix your article. The short name for the virus is EBV not EPV. I have Chronic Active EBV and have studied the virus for a while now. It is NOT the same thing as mono although mono is caused by it. I just thought I’d clarify those two things. I haven’t tried the carrot juice. I will have to try it and see if that helps. I do take the Emergen-C packs daily, and if I don’t take those and have bad nutrition I get flare-ups.
    It’s a good article; just thought you might want to make that correction.

  2. Janet Hailstone

    Thank you for clarifying all that Katie. At least it is on your comment. This isn’t my site, so I hope the administrator here will notice and fix that.

  3. Margaret A. Rutherford

    I have chronic EBV. I tried Vitamin C every 4 hours but ended up bleeding internally. Will the Emergen C do the same as the Vitamin C tablets? Also, I was told there is nothing but rest to put it into remission. How does one get a good night’s sleep? During the day, I can fall asleep sitting in a chair. Any advice would be appreciated. This is my fourth time with EBV and this time it has been a year and I am still having exhaustion.

  4. Janet Hailstone

    Hi Margaret, I’ve heard that Vitamin C shouldn’t be taken long term as there are side effects. And, the Emergen-C packets were what the master herbalist that we went to recommended. They tend to be a little more natural but they might do the same if you are having internal bleeding. If you go to my site, I have a recipe for lemon/garlic drink that may help and is more natural than the Emergen-C packets. Also I have done a post on how to get to sleep naturally with a meditation exercise or by using melatonin.
    Overall, you need to be having a more natural, back to nature type of diet of grains, beans, vegetables, and fresh fruits, drink water and daily exercise. Avoid the over use of animal products and convenience foods that have chemicals and then your body can start to heal. See the recipes and posts on my site. I hope you get feeling better soon.
    I also recommend for healing and using positive mental imagery and happier emotions and spirituality to boost your immune system. Rest is definitely essential so take care of yourself .

  5. Margaret

    Thanks, Janet. I went to a nutritionist and am taking more natural type vitamins with meals. She also has me taking a teaspoon of Manuka honey each day. Also, I use only fresh fruit and vegetables, eat very little beef and more types of beans and some chicken.

    It was recommended by a doctor to see an immunologist because I have had 3 strept and ear infections in the last 3 months. Along with the Epstein Barr Virus, I have Hashimoto’s Disease. What do you know about gamma globulin therapy? Because my immune system is comprised, this was suggested.

    • Sue Michael

      Buy the book medical medium by Anthony William it will explain and help you! It talks about EBV and fruit vegs and herbs and supplements that will help you!

      Good luck and God bless

    • Laura

      Hi Margaret, I would love to talk to you. My daughter has recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos and has had mono. She struggles with fatigue and so many other problems. What has worked for you if anything?

  6. Janet Hailstone

    Margaret, your situation sounds really serious and I am not a doctor. If it was me, I would do the program that Hallelujah Acres offers. Many people are healed that were otherwise incurable to medical doctors. When you treat your body right, it begins to heal. They have the most awesome nutritional program with doctors and nutritionists on staff. Here is the link where they have testimonials about being restored to optimum health It’s an excellent site to explore. There is also Dr. Richard Schulze who says there are no incurable diseases and he’s had experience curing them with various herbal cleanses.
    I hope you are able to find the best nutritional information possible and to get well.

    • Margaret

      After our last chat, my health went down rapidly. I saw two doctors and a nutritionist telling them how bad I felt, etc. and they found nothing wrong. I even went to a hospital for 6 days and got much worse and went home with NO diagnosis. Within hours of being dismissed from one hospital I was taken by ambulance to another hospital where within hours I was not only diagnosed with EBV but also colitis, c-dif, and a serious kidney infection. I spent 8 days there where 3 antibiotics were administered. A month later I broke 3 bones in my foot and later separated cartilage in my chest when I fell. After that I injured two areas of my back and broke another. The new guidelines had me doing PT with a badly broken back. In June I had back surgery and am now doing water therapy at Warm Springs. The lengthy illness and injuries have left me very weak. Recovery is slow. I take natural vitamins, etc. recommended by a nutritionist. I eat Greek yogurt I make. What went wrong? Medical professionals did not listen. The nutritionist failed to realize how seriously ill I was and just sold me vitamins. The nurses in the hospital did not take specimens ordered by the doctor. For some strange reason… my blood work was perfect in the first hospital, but was off the chart in the other. Because of my case, changes were made at the first hospital. It was a terrifying experience no one in this country should have to experience, and yet, I hear others have had similar experiences. We should all eat healthy, have advocates (and yes, maybe a lawyer) when we are seriously ill.

  7. Terri

    Thank you for this article. I am nearing the end of week 3 with mono (EBV) & think I’m going to try your suggestions above! I was looking for probiotic information, to see if that might help, but I like your natural remedies. Even if they don’t help, they’re not going to hurt – I wouldn’t think 🙂 I am 41 btw & hate not being myself.

  8. Janet Hailstone

    Margaret, I am so sorry that you are going through such awful experiences. I really hope things start getting better for you. Here is a link from a medical doctor who specializes in nutrition. There is a list of health problems and you can learn from each 3 minute video how to eat better for that specific problem. Dr. McDougall has had a lot of success with hundreds of thousands of his patients, he is the expert in my opinion. Did you get a chance to look at those links in my previous comments. Hacres and Richard Shulze as well as Dr. McDougall would 99.9%never recommend the use of animal products in your diet if you want optimum healing.

  9. curasao

    it is good to eat 2 cloves of fresh raw garlic everyday. also eat 2 fresh oranges everyday and drink coconut water 1L everyday. eat probiotic yougourt 2 times a week and you will be fine.

  10. erica harriet kennedy

    I can relate to some of these other comments. About a year ago I was told I had a torn ligament alongside spondylitis. But I disagreed with my doctor on this issue. As I had been getting vertigo and dizziness and sickness. Eventually I was given the correct diagnosis of labrinthitis inner ear problems which I was treated for over 3 months. About 5 weeks ago I caught another virus which has really taken the stuffing out of me. The doctor said I could have Epstein Barr virus and is going to do a blood test shortly. His advice wad drink plenty of liquids and get.enough test it could take up to two months to completely go or even longer.

  11. Bobbie

    I was diagnosed two months ago with ebv…no sore throat fever…etc. However..has slapped me to the bed. Getting rest..fluids..garlic and juice. So so tired….need prayers😑


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