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Sinus infection, or what is commonly known as sinusitis, is a condition wherein the tissue lining of a person’s sinus is inflamed. A normal sinus is usually filled with air. However, in sinusitis, the infection is caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria, collectively known as germs. Cavity blockage due to excessive fluid is one of the main reasons why there is an accumulation of germs which then leads to sinus infection. Some of the health problems that cause sinusitis are allergy, polyps and colds.

Causes of sinus infection

Sinusitis is often caused by clogged sinuses. But apart from that, there are also other factors that influence the occurrence of an infection in the sinuses. One of which is excessive consumption of dairy products like yogurt, cheese and mild. Irritation to pollution and tobacco smoking are also major contributors to sinusitis. Any form of allergy that is not treated can trigger an infection.

Natural remedies for Sinus Infection

When sinus infection strikes, it results to a dire need for a remedy due to the fact that the misery and pain it causes is unbearable and may progress to more complications. But before you settle with medications, you can turn to natural remedies first.

Remedy # 1: The Neti pot

Mix non-iodized salt in warm, sterile water. Avoid using tap water. Make sure that the salt is dissolved well before proceeding with the process. Stoop over the sink and insert the spout in your upper nostril, forming a seal. Once you’re done with one nostril, refill the pot and do it on the other. After the process, exhale forcefully. This will effectively ease out mucous and allergens from your sinuses. This act is medically known as a nasal lavage.

Remedy # 2: Diet and herbs

When an infection occurs, what a person takes inside his body is important in battling the illness. Eat intelligently by avoiding products that produce mucous such as eggs, processed and fried food, chocolate and most importantly, dairy products. Instead, give emphasis on foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, soups and lentils. Herbs like onion, cayenne pepper, horseradish and garlic are effective in dissolving and eliminating mucous.

Remedy # 3: Water therapy

Water is the single, most effective natural remedy to get rid of sinusitis. By drinking more than eight glasses of water every day, excess mucous and toxins are washed away from your body and provides room for re-hydration.

Remedy # 4: Rest

One of the mistakes people make when experiencing sinus infection is the exertion of the body to work. If the body is attacked by an infection, the most natural way to fight it aside from eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water is to rest. By allowing yourself to sleep it through, you provide time for your cells to regenerate. Remember that another reason why infection can easily invade the body is due to stress. So, give yourself ample time to rest.

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