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Close up of woman's face focussing on her chinThough Mentoplasty was far behind than its counterparts mentioning breast augmentation, lipo, blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty, still chin augmentation and reduction which are all top grossing last year has its set of loyalists. So for that, let’s start the info overload, like now.

Mentoplasty in Laymen’s Term

I know everybody hate scientific names, if not for cosmetic procedures we wouldn’t have known how these surgeries happen to be known in the scientific world.

Mentoplasty is the chin surgery. So that’s clear now and that’s for my benefit too, I tend to scramble all the –asty at times. Anyway, chin surgery is the process of reshaping the chin through either augmentation or reduction. Augmentation includes the process of inserting implants under the chin’s skin to add volume and increase the chin’s size. And its opposite would mean then the reduction or removal of bone to decrease the chin.

Why do people want a Chin Surgery?

And many people or pessimist or anti cosmetic surgery where like, “what is wrong with you?”

So answer, My chin. 

Some people tend to have small chins, big chins, asymmetrical chins, double chins, etc. The list goes on with all the adjectives. And this won’t matter if you look prettier than Angelina Jolie or as handsome as Brad Pitt. But then, they can survive bad chins if given the chance. We can’t. Why?

Chins define the face. How our chins are situated right in our face can create the perfect balance that can make or break the way we look. You can have the perfect nose, the perfect eyes, with a double chin, you’re shucked.

Proportion and balance is the major way of deciding if we look right. A chin surgery can dramatically change a man or a woman’s face adding proportion, snipping or adding on it.

Benefits of Chin Surgery

  1. It may improve your self esteem. Feeling confident about your face does.
  2. It changes your overall look. It can enhance your face and implement proportion too.
  3. It cans repairs broken chins due to accidents.
  4. It can help as a reconstructive surgery for those who had developmental damage.
  5. You’ll get that promotion.

The number five wasn’t a promise though. But I am not kidding either. Partly. Study shows that there is a likely chance that people who are more pleasing to the eyes, or to be blunt, good looking can have an edge over those who aren’t. So to add to the growing trend people are using cosmetic surgery to advance their career. But it isn’t of the physical appearance only though, it happens because you now feel more confident and you can conquer the world minus the double chin, the big chin, the small chin and the puffy eyes.

And by the way, chin surgery or Mentoplasty is used in adjunct to other procedures such as nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) so they come in package.

Chin Surgery Choices

When opting for a chin surgery, you have another thing to consider. What implant do you use for the augmentation? There can be two, first is the solid silicone which can either be hard or soft (but don’t you think that this silicone is like the silicone use on breast augmentation, doctor’s know better to make you a chin out of breast implants). The second is the Gore-Tex which is porous wherein it allows tissue to grow unto the implant.

These implants can last you a lifetime and rarely breaks down.

What May Happen During the Surgery

Chin implants can last from 1 to 2 hours in a clinic or hospital. Anesthesia is used (the anesthesia will be another topic, ask your doctor this) but the surgery may last longer if rhinoplasty is done together with Mentoplasty.

The incision can be placed inside your mouth or under your chin, and then you can go home. After recovering from anesthesia of course. And by the way, Mentoplasty’s rough cost may range from $6000 and $9000 Australian dollars. This may vary depending on the doctor as well as other surgeries involved.

Common feeling after the surety may include numbness, tightness and sensitivity of the chin area. That will be normal. But in case complications arise, be sure that you are informed of symptoms. Read and do research before the surgery.

So, dear readers, can you think of other things why chin surgery is undoubtedly beneficial?

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