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How to Stick to Your New Year Fitness ResolutionNew Year’s resolutions – almost all of us make them, very few of us keep them up past January. In fact, once we’ve bought our new running shoes and signed up for our annual gym membership, people rarely make it past more than a week or two. But making changes doesn’t have to be something that is doomed to failure. There are simple, effective steps you can take to make sure your New Year’s resolutions – such as to improve your fitness – go the distance.


5 Steps to Help You Stick to Your New Year Fitness Resolution

Follow these top five tips to see your New Year’s fitness resolution through from January to December:

Be Focused – Make One Resolution And Set Specific Goals

Don’t be vague when it comes to setting your resolutions. Pick one and stick with it; if you try to take on too much, such as getting fit, losing weight and stopping smoking, at least one – and probably all – of your resolutions will go to the wayside.

Also, saying ‘I want to be fitter this year’ isn’t enough. You must set goals that you can measure your progress by. This might be going to the gym three times a week, or following a training programme to take part in an event. But, whatever you do, remember the next point when setting them…

Be Realistic!

So, the government guidelines say that you should get at least 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. But the nature of our busy lifestyles means that it’s not always possible to fit a trip to the gym in. If you set your goals too high, you are likely to struggle.

Similarly, if you’re going from no exercise to aiming to hit the treadmill every day, it can be overwhelming – which can make it difficult to keep it up. Increase your goals incrementally, building your activity gradually and working around your schedule.

Change Your Habits to Fit Your New Fitness Regime

We all love relaxing in front of the telly on an evening. But, if you usually munch your way through a packet of biscuits during Coronation Street, try to adapt your behaviour to fit your new fitness-focused lifestyle.

Why not buy a static exercise bike or cross trainer for the living room? Point it at the television and jump on while you watch your favourite programmes. Not only will you get to enjoy the television you love, but you’ll get one more workout squeezed in to boot.

Ask a Friend to Help Out

Sometimes, it’s so much easier to force ourselves out of the door on a damp, cold night when we’ve got the support of a friend to do it. Ask someone to be your gym buddy and keep you motivated. If you set a meeting with someone you’re close to, you’re less likely to make excuses.

Reward Yourself – and Don’t Despair If You Fall Off The Wagon!

Although you’ll be benefiting it from a fitter, healthier body, you might need some more encouragement to keep yourself on track. Why not treat yourself to a new top or a trip to the cinema when you’ve met your monthly goal? And, if you do lapse, don’t write yourself off – just get back on that treadmill!

Do you have any tips to keep up with the fitness resolutions? Let us know by commenting.

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