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The pledge to exercise regularly is easy to make but getting out of it is even easier! Here’s help for staying motivated while excuse-proofing your workout routine.

Organize your schedule

The gurus at Weight Watchers say schedule your exercise routine. Dedicate time each day just as you’d set aside time for a meeting or to take your daily shower. Allow 20 minutes of planned activity like a brisk walk around the park, playing ball with the kids or walking the dog. Try to incorporate would-be interruptions: for example, if a friend drops in for coffee, rather than skipping exercise, ask your friend to come along! Chatting will add a positive spin and you may find that a 20-minute walk easily becomes 45.

Be kind to yourself

Avoid setting lofty goals at the start. Ease into your fitness plan by doing something you enjoy. Find a TV show that holds your interest and rather than sitting, hop on the treadmill and watch it while walking at a steady pace. Keep the pace for a week, and then bump it up just a little each week to follow. Soon you’ll find you’re enjoying the challenge and will look forward to pushing your limits.

Be patient with yourself

Set short-term fitness goals. Picture two examples: in the first scenario your goal is to lose 25 pounds in a month so you jump into exercising hard and fast. It’s so painful that you quit after a couple of days. The month will still pass but because you’ve quit you’ll lose no weight at all. In the second scenario your goal is to lose 4 – 5 pounds in a month sticking with a steady routine of exercise and healthy eating. You’re more likely to lose the 4 – 5 pounds in the second example and the bonus – you’re still exercising at a moderate pace and are looking forward to losing another 4 – 5 pounds next month. It will take a little longer, it may even take a year to lose 25 pounds but the year will elapse whether you exercise or not. With patience and persistence you’ll reach your goal.

Get support of a trainer

If a fitness lifestyle is brand new to you, professional instruction will help you work out most effectively, you’ll see results faster and will be less likely to quit than if you’re going it alone.  Join a gym or make visiting the fitness center a regular part of your day. You’ll have access to classes and trainers and may even meet a workout buddy in the process!

Adopt a healthy eating plan

Balanced nutritious meals will provide the fuel you need to feel energized and ready to take on each new day. If you need assistance with creating a healthy eating plan, seek the advice of your doctor or a registered dietician. Make your calories count; a healthy diet should give you energy to be more active!

Make working out convenient

Excuse-proof your fitness efforts and remove obstacles that could get in the way of exercising. Keep your workout clothes handy and assign them to their own dresser drawer. Keep your gym bag (with clean clothes and towel) next to the door as a reminder and to save time getting ready or the possibility of procrastinating. Position your treadmill or elliptical trainer in front of the TV in a dedicated room or area of the house where no set-up is required.

Ditch the bad habits

Give up counterproductive habits like snacking on junk food and smoking and replace them with healthy choices.
Love yourself for who you are, not for who you believe you’ll be after you lose 25 pounds. Remind yourself of your value to your family and your friends and most of all, to yourself – you are worthy of the commitment to fitness, health and your personal well-being.

Written by Alice Lucette

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