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How to Make a Power NapHaving trouble staying awake while in double shift at work? Do you intend to pull an all-nighter for an exam in school? To keep you alert and productive during the long hours that you need to stay awake, you probably need a power nap.
Although power napping does give so many beneficial effects to practically anyone; it is not exactly something that everyone can freely do in their offices. In the real world, it is very hard to catch some snoozes while at work. In fact, getting caught sleeping in your desk is not something that can give you a ticket to respect.
Most people get one hour for lunch. And if you budget your time well enough, you can potentially squeeze in some minutes to rest and recharge. You can also try to discuss this with your boss. If you do this well enough, you might be able to convince them to spare a few minutes or allocate a couch room for power napping.

Studies have shown just how effective a 20-minute nap can be for both work and even in school. The catch is that it has to be done in the right. Read on and know the steps on how to get the best out from a power nap.

1.  Pick the place

There are already companies that allow their employees to take a nap. In fact, they have even provided a place to do so. If your office does not allow it, you can take your nap in your own car. When you want to have a nap while on the road; look for a safe and well-lit place to park your car. Turn off your car, put the emergency brake on, and lock the doors. Turn your cell phone off and all other potential interruptions. If you must, put on headphones and eye mask.

2. Have caffeine

It might seem rather ridiculous knowing that caffeine is a stimulant. However, note that its effects will not take effect immediately. It will still have to make its way through your GI tract so that it will take about 45 minutes before the body absorbs it. 200 milligrams of caffeine consumed before a power nap will make you feel less drowsy as soon as you wake up 20 minutes later. You might want to skip on taking in caffeine, though, if you are trying to quite caffeine.

3. Set an alarm

Once you are done finishing your caffeine-laden drink, set your alarm to go off in 25 minutes. If you have trouble falling asleep immediately, set your alarm to go off in 15 minutes if you are close to finishing your coffee. People who have a tendency of pushing the snooze button should position the alarm far across the room so that they will have to get up to turn it off.

4. Close you eyes and then relax

Even if you cannot sleep, just shut your eyes and try to meditate. Incorporate this into your daily routine to accustom your body to nap at this time during the day. If you having any difficulties falling asleep, do measures to induce sleep. There are a number of commercial machines and CDs that does so. Place a notice in your office door that you are currently taking a power nap along with the time that you can be contacted.

5. Get up when the alarm goes off

Sleeping more than 20 minutes can turn out to be counterproductive. In fact, sleeping for more than 30 minutes can result to sleep inertia. This will make you to feel more tired and sluggish before you even took a nap. As soon as you get up, immediately follow this up with some movement. You may also wash your face or expose yourself in bright light to make you feel awake.

Keep in mind that you only spend allocate 20 minutes in an entire day for a power nap. There is one study stating that even a nap lasting a mere 6 minutes can also go wonders in a person’s memory function. This can make it all the more uncomplicated to sneak one.

Finally, embrace napping and of others napping. Most people are under the wrong notion that napping is a defect in character. There are numerous great men who have taken advantage of the positive things that napping can bring. In fact, it is a wonderful way to improve functioning and life.

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