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Having a slim and lean body is a dream of everyone. That is why all of us try our best to keep our body in good shape. Unfortunately it is not that easy for some of use and after gaining those few ugly extra pounds we tend to start looking for quick shortcuts to our lean body online. A lot of dieters nowadays wrongly believe that there is a magic pill or a popular “as seen on tv” supplement which can melt their weight without any effort. This is not true. Unfortunately, weight loss requires hard mental, physical work, determination and strong will power. But firstly – a person should be smart enough and don`t believe those false advertisements that claim you must buy their product in order to lose weight. In this article I will explain some very basic methods that are nearly forgotten these days that will help you to lose weight without having to pay a dime.

So the first thing that you have to do is paying attention to what you eat. Bad eating habit has to be stopped and you have to keep taking balanced-diet with more vegetables and fruits. Fruits like berries, papayas, kinds of melons and citrus fruits are the best fruits to support your weight loss program. Any kinds of juices from oranges and melons have to be taken, including grapes and strawberries in generous amounts. You can also take vegetables, but merely non-starchy ones as they are high in calories. You can take cucumbers, radishes, cucumbers, green beans, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce and celery. Both vegetables and fruits become the best fat burner and eliminate body waste due to the nutrient and fiber content. Compared to fast foods and meats, they are much cheaper so you can save money. However, you only need to take fresh and real vegetables and fruits, instead of processed and canned ones.

Water is also highly required as it preserves a svelte physique and makes the system clean. Water helps the digestion to function properly and removes toxin out from our body. Water has to be taken between your meals and before meals. It not only cleans your colons but also keeps you feeling full and reduces your appetite. In this way, you take fewer calories so you can lose your weight more quickly. Besides, you have to know how many calories you actually need every day. Thus, you have to control your daily meals. Firstly, it seems impossible to measure what you regularly take, but when you get used to it, you will know and comprehend the normal size of your daily servings. You will be able to prepare your meal without measuring them with any measuring materials.

Secondly, beware of your bad lifestyle. Make sure that you have sufficient sleep. If you lack of sleep, your appetite hormone called ghrelin increases and the satisfaction hormones called leptin decreases. If you have low leptin and high ghrelin, you tend to eat more to fulfill the demand of your appetite. Thus, if you really want to lose your weight, you need to have enough sleep.

Workout is another best way to lose your weight. You can do several workouts which do not require spending a dime. You do not have to buy any appliance to do workouts. There are enormous tips found in internet which can be applied for your weight loss program. Aerobic exercises, for instance, are highly recommended as they increase the level of oxygen in the body and enhance the entire function of our body system. These aerobic exercises cover cycling, stair climbing, walking in long distance, jogging, and jumping rope, playing sports such as rugby, tennis and football.

The simplest ones include walking and jogging. They do not need particular requirements and are very easy to do. Thus, spare your time for jogging around your house, backyard, and neighborhood or at the park. Even though they are very simple exercises, they will burn your calories; something which weight loss supplements and most expensive appliances can achieve.

Then, find activities which can make you happy and motivated. It is important since unhappiness and boredom are the contributory factors of overweight. You can go fishing with your friends or family members or get a walk at the park and talk about anything with your friends. All in all, if you want to lose your weight without paying a dime, you have to consider food intake, exercises, healthy lifestyle and your emotional and social condition. When you can make them balanced, you will be able to have slim and lean body.

Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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