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How to Cure Panic AttacksIs it possible to cure panic attacks on your own?  Definitely; and it’s not as hard as you may think. You have trouble breathing and your heart starts to race; you start to shake and sweat; you feel faint and nauseated; or you suddenly feel an unexplained fear of losing control, going crazy, or even dying.  You are having a panic attack.  It is a scary experience but you don’t have to feel helpless; there are steps you can take to finally cure panic attacks. A panic attack can be incapacitating; it normally only lasts 20 to 30 minutes but, to a person experiencing it, those minutes filled with overwhelming anxiety or fear seem interminable.  It can be triggered by certain situations, such as speaking in front of a large crowd or a memory of a traumatic experience; it can also occur without warning.  Whatever the cause, a panic attack often affects a person’s ability to function normally.  You can take back control of your life when you are equipped with the right coping strategies to cure panic attacks.

4 Tips to Cure Panic Attacks

A full-blown panic attack is characterized by any combination of the following symptoms: rapid heart beat; chest pain; difficulty breathing; hyperventilation; a feeling of choking; sweating; feeling faint or dizzy; shaking; numbness; or nausea.

You can get professional help; but you also have the option of doing something about it yourself.  You can take action to minimize and eliminate the symptoms of a panic attack, and eventually cure panic attacks altogether:

Arm Yourself With Knowledge

Find out as much as you can about panic and its symptoms.  As with most things in life, understanding makes them less fearsome.  If you can, learn about what happens inside your body when panic sets in.  Merely knowing about the straight facts of a panic attack can go a long way towards making you feel more in control.  Understanding that the sensations you feel during a panic attack are normal will reassure you that you are not losing your mind.

Learn to Relax

It’s one of those things that may seem easier said than done.  The key is regularity.  Take yoga classes or learn meditation techniques; practice the relaxation strategies you learn regularly, not only when you feel a panic attack coming on.  Once you have trained your mind and body to relax at will, so to speak, you would find it easier to employ the relaxation techniques you have acquired when you find yourself in a situation that often triggers your panic attacks.  Additionally, practicing these techniques regularly will constantly give you feelings of joy and calm, positive feelings which will help you effectively cure panic attacks.

Concentrate on Your Breathing

In addition to actively taking control of your breathing to avoid hyperventilation and prevent its accompanying physiological effects, i.e. chest tightness and lightheadedness, taking deep, controlled breaths is a proven technique that helps promote mental and emotional calm.  Just close your eyes and focus on taking slow, deep breaths; do this for a few minutes or until you feel you’ve calmed down.  It’s one of the simpler and more effective exercises that can help cure panic attacks.

Don’t Feed Your Anxiety

If you are susceptible to panic attacks, don’t engage in unhealthy behaviors that can trigger or worsen the symptoms of a panic attack.  Cigarettes and coffee elicit the same physiological responses that occur when you are experiencing a full-blown panic attack, such as a rapid heart rate, dizziness, and breathing difficulties.  You should also avoid other stimulants such no-drowse cold medications and diet pills.

In Summary: Cure Panic Attacks by Helping Yourself

They say confronting your fear is the best way to conquer it.  This is also very true of panic attacks.  To help yourself cure panic attacks for good, analyze and get a better understanding of the underlying problem; a better understanding of yourself will help you develop a better defense against your panic attacks.

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