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How to Cure InsomniaCan’t sleep? Instead of pointlessly counting sheep, make better use of your wide-eyed time by learning about helpful ways to cure insomnia.
Your bed is supposed to be a welcoming comfort at the end of a long and tiring day; but if you suffer from insomnia, it becomes a place of misery, where you spend hour after hour of most nights tossing and turning, watching the hands of the clock slowly move towards wake-up time, and worrying about another interminable day of being non-functional at work.  It’s nothing short of incredible; you feel dead tired when you get home and yet sleep won’t come to you when you finally lie down on your warm, comfortable bed. Unless you cure insomnia, you may have more serious worries other than being a zombie at work.
Needless to say, insomnia drains you of much-needed energy, triggers moodiness, makes you feel lousy, and significantly diminishes your mental and physical abilities the next day.  If you suffer from chronic insomnia, you may also be at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health problems.  With simple lifestyle changes, however, you can finally cure insomnia and have a taste of restful slumber every single night.

Have Sweet Dreams: Tips to Cure Insomnia Fast

Get Into the Rhythm

If it’s natural, it should be easy, right?  You can easily cure insomnia if you are mindful of and keep to your biological clock.  Just like adjusting a mechanical clock, you can regulate your biological clock by going to bed and waking up at the same time every single day of the week.  Regulating and strictly following your biological clock is essential to developing a regular sleep rhythm.  It is just as important to avoid anything that may disrupt this rhythm, such as taking naps.  But if you must, don’t nap for more than 30 minutes and after 3 pm.

Heed the Don’ts

Don’t stress and/or stimulate your body and mind right before bedtime; avoid exercising, using the computer, or engaging in an argument at night.  Don’t consume caffeine at least eight hours before your usual bedtime.  Don’t smoke, or at least not at night, because nicotine acts as a stimulant.  Don’t drink alcohol if you suffer from insomnia because it affects the quality of your sleep, even if it helps make you sleepy.  Don’t make yourself anxious by watching the clock, put it some place where you can still hear the alarm but can’t see its face; don’t stress your mind by getting absorbed by negative thoughts.  Don’t use the bedroom for any other activities other than sleeping and sex.  Heeding these don’ts can help you cure insomnia.

Do the Dos

You can also cure insomnia by coping with your sleeping troubles appropriately.  First things first, make your bedroom conducive to a relaxing sleep.  Keep it dark by covering the windows with blackout curtains; keep it quiet by wearing earplugs or playing peaceful, nature sounds; keep it cool by using a fan or leaving a window slightly open.  When you find yourself tossing and turning in bed, stop.  Get out of bed and find something relaxing to do, such as listening to soothing music, doing some light reading, taking a bath, or drinking a warm, caffeine-free beverage.

Relax Your Mind and Body

Make it a habit to engage in relaxing activities about an hour before your bedtime; knit, read, or listen to comforting music with the lights dimmed.  Spend several minutes immediately before bedtime taking deep, relaxing breaths; close your eyes, breathe in deeply through your nose, feel the air fill up chest, and slowly breathe out through your mouth.

In Summary: Cure Insomnia and Wake Up Fresh and Energized

Good quality sleep should be restful and adequate.  Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep every night for the body to completely rest and restore itself.  With these simple tips to cure insomnia, you can easily fall back into a normal and healthy sleeping pattern.

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