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How to Cure DepressionIf you want to cure depression, the last thing you need is a new problem.  While seeing a doctor is often necessary, medications should only be a last resort, especially when there are other effective and healthier alternatives. Medications may offer a faster return to “normalcy;” oftentimes, however, using medication to cure  depression often leads to drug dependence and/or abuse. Alternative remedies, on the other hand, may not provide as quick a solution as medications but they offer a safer, more effective, and even lifelong cure.  The early stages of depression often only require adopting simple behavioral changes and engaging in beneficial activities.  These alternative means to cure depression also allow an individual to be in control of their life, an act which is a big step towards a cure in itself. Here are some simple and healthy ways to help you cure depression:

How to Cure Depression

Put it into words.  Keeping negative feelings and thoughts bottled up will give you a “heavy” feeling.  Expressing what you feel and think through writing or by talking to a trusted friend or a professional will help make you feel loads better and is a significant step to cure depression.

Pamper Yourself

Cure depression by soaking in a warm and scented bath or a relaxing massage can go a long way towards making you feel special, in addition to making you feel more relaxed. You can even go further and buy yourself that pair of shoes you have always wanted or plan a trip! You won’t have to think too hard to find a reason to reward yourself, in small or big ways.

Indulge in Good Food

This doesn’t mean gorging on unhealthy foods to cure depression. There are, in fact, certain foods that stimulate the “feel-good” chemical, serotonin, and help cure depression. These include dark chocolates, bananas, whole wheat, oats, and other foods rich in carbohydrates. Of course, do so in moderation.

Sweat It Out

How can you start a regular exercise routine when your depression makes it hard to simply get out of bed in the morning? Think about it this way, you’ll get out of bed sooner or later. Start with a leisurely, 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. Do this at least three times a week.  After two weeks, switch to a brisker pace. Once you have developed a routine, you can try other exercises such as running, swimming, or dancing. The physical exertion also releases feel-good chemicals; becoming healthier and fitter will also help boost your confidence, which is critical to successfully cure depression.

Start Mingling

Depressed people prefer isolation which only serves to aggravate the condition. Again, start small; share a table with a colleague at the office pantry during coffee break or attend church. If you are interested in arts and crafts, take a class. Socializing can be made easier when you’re engaging in an activity that you really enjoy. The combination of a fun company and a fun activity will make you appreciate every single day more.

Go Natural

There are natural remedies for depression which work as effectively as and more safely than medications.  Consult with your doctor before stopping a medication and with a natural health practitioner for the proper preparation and dosages of herbal concoctions. Additionally, you can also learn relaxation techniques and/or meditation, both of which have been established to successfully cure depression.

Cure Depression With a Smile

While taking your neighborhood walk, smile at a neighbor. In the elevator at work, smile at a colleague. While buying coffee, smile at the barista.  You will feel good about yourself every time your smile is returned.

How to Cure Depression Naturally Summary

When you have the right mindset and are willing to make simple lifestyle changes, you won’t have any need for medications to cure depression.

We’ve built you a relaxing video summary of the 6 tips on how to cure depression, watch below:

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