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How to Cure AnxietyThe right kind of mindset, combined with simple coping techniques, can help you cure anxiety.  Anxiety can be a good thing when there is a valid cause for worry; excessive and/or unreasonable worrying, on the other hand, is unhealthy. Feeling anxious about an upcoming job interview is normal; losing sleep over the possible outcome of that interview is not.  Anxiety about a looming deadline can be an effective motivation; excessive worrying about all the things that could go wrong is counter-productive and self-defeating.  The line between healthy and unhealthy worrying may be thin but it is perceptible enough to give you a clear sense of delimitation.  With a slight shift in perspective, a strengthening of will, and a few coping strategies, you can effectively cure anxiety.

4 Tips to Cure Anxiety

Identify and Address the Source of Your Anxiety

In some ways, anxiety is a form of obsession; you become so preoccupied with the source of your anxiety that it prevents you from moving forward, achieving a goal, or simply going about your normal activities.  Most of the time, the main reason why the worry persists is that it is left unaddressed.  Once you have identified the source/s of your anxiety, you can get to work on analyzing why this or that particular thing gives you emotional distress, and formulate a plan of attack, so to speak, to tackle and cure anxiety.  You can turn your worry into a productive and satisfying experience by actually addressing and eliminating the cause.  And in the process, you will also feel less helpless.

Just Breathe

When you get an anxiety attack, the typical physiological reaction is taking rapid, shallow breaths which, in turn, causes blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormone levels to increase.  Some respond to an anxiety attack by holding their breath without even realizing it.  In order to prevent the symptoms of an anxiety attack from taking hold, practice calming breathing techniques.  Don’t wait for a worry to start to nag you; learn to focus on taking deep, slow breaths and practice this regularly every day.  So when you find yourself in a situation that is distressing, it will be easier for you to control your breathing.

Get Physical

If exercising is not a regular part of your routine yet, now is the time to start.  You can join a gym, take dancing lessons, take up a sport, or just run.  Exercise not only works the muscles in the body and strengthens you; it also improves blood and oxygen circulation, both of which are key elements in improving thought processes.  And being able to think clearly is critical to your efforts to cure anxiety.  If you feel anxiety starting to set in, you can also start doing simple housework or taking a walk around the neighborhood.  The physical exertion, no matter how small or intense, will make you feel recharged and ready to take on anything right after.

Reset Your Mindset

Anxiety is often triggered or accompanied by nagging worries or extreme apprehension about negative possibilities.  When left unchecked, these negative thoughts will continue to fester in your mind and feed on itself, worsening your anxiety.  What you have to realize, to effectively cure anxiety on your own, is that you can use the strength of your mind to work for you, instead of against you.  Realizing this, you can set about reframing your mindset and turning destructive thoughts into constructive ones.  Similar to tip no. 1, think of ways to take care of your worry instead of letting the worry take control of you.

In Summary: You Can Cure Your Anxiety

The worries and fears in your head may be imagined or not but you have to realize that you are not powerless against them.  Think of it as having to finish a large meal before you can enjoy the dessert; you do it one bite at a time.  Find an effective motivation and use it to boost your will to defeat and cure anxiety.

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