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How to Cure a Strep ThroatThrough proper self-care, home remedies, and medication, you can effectively cure a strep throat infection.  Once you do, simply swallowing your own saliva won’t cause you any pain anymore.  Your mouth and throat may have been playing host to the Strep bacteria for months without causing any symptoms.  Then you wake up one day with a fever, feeling totally weak, and with a very painful throat; yes, your uninvited guests have finally turned on you.
Strep throat is caused by the Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria.  When the conditions inside your body are just right, such as when your immune system is weakened due to stress or another illness such as the flu, the bacteria are given the opportunity to cause trouble by emitting substances that trigger the symptoms of strep throat.It is important that you kick out the bacterial invaders before they cause serious complications.  Fortunately, you can effectively cure a strep throat at home and nurse yourself back to health with either simple home remedies or non-prescription medication and bed rest.

Cure a Strep Throat at Home

As soon as the symptoms of a Strep bacterial infection set in – fever, severe sore throat, and white spots on the tongue and tonsils – you must be quick to take steps to cure your strep throat.  Immediate action means controlling and limiting the severity and duration of your symptoms. Though rare, serious complications will also be prevented by proper home treatment.  Here are helpful tips to get rid of the Strep bacteria and cure a strep throat.

Don’t Hold Back On The Fluids

This is the most basic and  one of the most important measures you must take to cure a strep throat, as well as other illnesses.  Increased fluid loss from fever and decreased fluid intake because of the pain of swallowing can quickly lead to dehydration.  Fluids also provide some degree of relief from inflammation.  In addition to water, warm soups, and warm or cold beverages that do not contain caffeine are very beneficial.  For some people, eating ice cream and/or popsicles can also help ease discomfort.

Raid Your Medicine Cabinet or The Nearest Pharmacy

The bacterial infection can lead to serious complications when left untreated.  Additionally, the longer you harbor the bacteria, the more likely you will infect others.  With over-the-counter medications, you can cure a strep throat and nip any other serious diseases in the bud.  And you not only protect yourself, you also protect your family and other people you come into contact with.  You can take non-prescription antibiotics, such as clindamycin, erythromycin, or penicillin to cure a strep throat.  Antibiotics also effectively reduce the severity and duration of your symptoms.  For the fever, ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be taken.

Disinfect Your Mouth and Throat

Gargling with salt water frequently is also very helpful in soothing sore throat caused by a Strep infection.  Simply add one to two teaspoons of table salt to eight ounces of warm water; wait for the salt to dissolve and use the mixture to rinse your mouth and throat.  You can also suck on throat lozenges to provide temporary relief.

Sleep Early and Sleep In

To effectively and quickly heal a strep throat, you must let your body get adequate rest.  When you stay in bed, and at home, you will also limit the risk of spreading the infection.

In Summary: Act Fast to Cure a Strep Throat

You can choose to let the infection run its course; however, to reduce the risk of developing serious complications and to limit or completely avoid the spread of infection, you must act quickly to cure a strep throat. If you’re worried that you might have developed complications, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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  1. Loreto

    I didn’t know that one could buy antibiotics without a prescription

  2. Mickey

    Antibiotics require a prescription in the USA. They should be taken for 10-14 days, even after all symptoms are gone. Otherwise you can have a relapse.
    Pharmacist Mickey


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