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How to Cure a HeadacheIt can be pounding, throbbing, or shooting; the pain can range from mild, to moderate, to severe; whether it’s bearable or excruciating, finding ways to cure a headache can be a headache in itself.
A headache is a very common affliction; statistics from the National Headache Foundation show that there are more than 45 million chronic headache sufferers in the United States.  Headaches can be triggered by a wide variety of factors, the most common of which include certain foods, alcohol, loud noise, tiredness, tension, stress, fever, a cold, or the flu.  These factors, singly or variously combined, cause blood pressure changes in the vessels that lead to and from the brain.  More often than not, headaches are mild enough that they’re only a minor nuisance; other times, they can be a recurring and/or severe condition that disrupt daily activities or cause debilitation.  There are steps you can take to prevent and/or cure a headache; what works for one may not work for another so some trial and error may be necessary.

Home Remedies to Cure a Headache Fast

Hands-On Treatment

It’s probably the most common technique headache sufferers use to cure a headache: rubbing the pain away.  It’s always best of course to have somebody else massage your head, neck, and back.  If you have to do it yourself, use your index finger and/or thumb to gently massage the painful are with a rotating motion and a steady but gentle pressure.  Add a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil to your fingertips for a more calming effect.  You can also apply an ice pack to your temples, forehead, or the back of your neck, where the pain is concentrated.  You can also alternate the cold compress with a heating pad.

Wind Down

Especially for those headaches triggered by stress, winding down is the best way to chase the pain away.  Because stress is known to cause changes in blood pressure, which is a causative factor in developing a headache, you can cure a headache by engaging in calming activities that will counteract the stress-related increase in your blood pressure.  Take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood; treat yourself to an hour-long soak in the tub or a nap or simply sit comfortably in a dimly-lit room while listening to soft music or nature sounds.  If you’re prone to stress-related headaches, it is best to start learning relaxing techniques such as yoga or meditation.

Chase the Pain Away with a Drink

Again, remedying the increase in blood pressure is an effective way to cure a headache.  Drink a calming beverage such as an herbal tea.  Feverfew, peppermint, and chamomile teas are known for their calming effects.  For some people, drinking a small amount of coffee also helps relieve the pain in their head.

Try Something Out of the Ordinary

Here are some alternative remedies that have been helpful to some people.  What may work for one may not work for another but it won’t hurt to try these if you want to cure a headache.  Grab yourself a jar of almonds; these nuts have natural pain-relieving compounds that can help ease your pain.  Consuming cayenne pepper has also worked to relieve headache symptoms for some people through the release of endorphins; you can simply add the spice to your meal.  You can also cure a headache by applying a compress soaked in apple vinegar or by rubbing a fresh slice of lime to the affected area of your head.

In Summary: Cure a Headache Without Popping a Pill

You don’t always have to reach for a bottle of pain medications to cure a headache; most of the time, all you need is some to time to unwind, to take care of yourself, and to temporarily forget your worries.

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