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How to Cure a CoughNobody enjoys a coughing fit, whether in the privacy of your home or in the midst of colleagues at work; if you can’t call in sick, you can take a cough syrup to help cure cough but its intoxicating effects will definitely affect your productivity.  Short of reaching down with your hand to claw at that scratch in your throat, there are simple ways you can cure cough and also avoid turning into a zombie. You wake up with a dry, scratchy throat.  Maybe swallowing also hurts.  Worse, when you try to talk, you sound like you’ve swallowed a toad.  Yes, the next few days are not going to be fun.

When you cough, your body tries to expel mucus and foreign substances from your lungs through your breathing passages.  Your cough can be caused by the cold or flu, an allergic reaction, or a more serious condition, such as bronchitis.  Going to the doctor, of course, is the smart thing to do, especially when your cough is persistent.  If your cough is nothing serious, however, you can run to the nearest pharmacy to get an expectorant, a decongestant, a suppressant, or an antihistamine; you can also choose an herbal cough medication.  But even experts are debating the effectiveness of cough medications.  While the jury is still out, you can try these tips to cure cough at home.

5 Simple Ways to Cure Cough

Soothing Therapy

Soothe your irritated throat with lots of fluids; warm water with honey, lemon juice, and tea are great for dry, hacking coughs.  You can also cure cough by making your own natural cough syrup: mix two teaspoons of honey and eight ounces of warm pineapple juice.  Instead of a cough drop, you can also suck on half a lemon sprinkled with a bit of pepper.

Herbal Therapy

Instead of buying herbal cough preparations, you can make your own herbal brew that will help cure a cough.  Use the leaves/roots of coltsfoot, mullein, marshmallow, or horehound to make tea.  These herbal teas will give you relief from your dry and grating cough.

Food Therapy

Coughing is your body’s way of eliminating an irritant or infectious foreign substance.  Help your immune system fight off the invading foreign bodies by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  While you are still being hassled by fits of coughing, avoid salty, starchy, sugary, and dairy foods.

Supplement Therapy

It is stated in the American College of Chest Physicians guidelines that most of the active ingredients used in non-prescription cough medicines are only present in very small amounts and are, in fact, ineffective.  However, you can take nutritional supplements that will help boost your immune system.  These include Vitamins A, C, and E and folic acid.  Garlic, ginger, oregano, red bell pepper, and green tea are also proven immune system boosters.  You can cure a cough successfully without medication as long as you keep your body strong.

Behavior Therapy

Healthy behaviors also play a critical role in the success of your efforts to cure a cough without the “help” of cough medicines.  If you smoke, you have to quit, especially while you’re suffering from a cough.  You should also avoid exposure to second-hand smoke and other irritants in the air and from cleaning products.  If going out can’t be avoided or when cleaning the bathroom, wear a face mask.

In Summary: Cure Cough Through Proper Self-Care

When you feel a tickle in your throat, don’t be too quick to guzzle that cough syrup.  More often than not, all you need are plenty of rest and some good, old tender, loving care from your spouse, partner, parent, or even yourself to cure cough!

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