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How To Boost Your Immunity The Natural WaySome of us suffer more from diseases and some seem to resist common cold, flu or other minor health issues effectively. The difference between these two groups lies in the status of their body immunity. Immunity refers to the mechanism that helps human body resist spread, entrance and manifestations of diseases or infections.

Different proteins, protective layers and specific antibodies together contribute to immunity. The bodily mechanism is life saving and can be enhanced in natural ways significantly. Let’s explore how you can use different natural resources to boost your immunity level.

Eating and drinking habits

You have to be careful about the foods you eat. Many foods contain harmful elements and carcinogens that can destroy your immunity completely. You have to stay away from these foods. Some foods directly contribute to production of antibodies and proteins that induce better immunity level in your body. You should consume those foods regularly. Here is a list that you should consider while taking meals:

  1. You should eat raw, green and leafy vegetables as much as you can
  2. You should increase the intake of vitamin C significantly, as this element directly enhances immunity
  3. You should drink about 1.5 liters of water every day. You have to maintain an optimal hydration level inside your body

Sleeping and exercising

Scientists have proved that our body heals and recovers from illness faster when we’re at rest. This means, proper rest boosts up our immunity. At the same time, regular physical exercises and vigorous activities contribute better build and muscular strength. Thus, the external protective layer (skin and muscle) improves and as a result, the immune status gets better. So you have to practice few norms regularly:

  1. You have to sleep about 6-8 hours every day. You should avoid sleeping at daytime and practice a timely routine to have complete rest at night
  2. You have to do exercises regularly. Regular physical activities will also help sound sleeping at night. You should at least spend 15-30 minutes every day for this purpose

Avoiding harmful stuffs

You should be careful about the harmful components in different foods. Also you should avoid foods that can lower your immunity level. Things you must avoid can be listed as:

Coffee, Tea (more specifically caffeine), Chocolate (more specifically refined sugar), Cigarettes (Nicotine), Alcohol (chemical structure of pure alcohol destroys natural immunity), Fast foods and processed foods

Building mental strength, enjoying freedom

In many researches, scientists have observed that people who are exposed to natural extremes (i.e. cold or heat) are more immune to microbial agents. Nature itself helps building better immune status among the people. Also, people who are psychologically strong, outrageous and extrovert enjoy better protection from common infections and diseases.

This also signifies the truth that immunity also depends on mental conditions of a person. You should concentrate on building mental strength, go closer to the nature, and enjoy different weathers to enforce your body’s power to resist diseases and infections.

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture

Traditional Chinese medical science and specific healing procedures like acupuncture have been focusing on preventing measures rather than cures. A Chinese medical expert can help you follow the steps precisely that lead to an uplifted and enhanced immune system. Acupuncture procedure and Chinese herbals combine together and contribute to a better immunity in following ways:

  1. Herbal experts recommend you how to abstain from eating too cold or frozen foods. You must eat well-cooked animal proteins (meat and fish). It’s always better to eat smaller meals rather larger ones at once.
  2. They recommend you not to tire out yourself; rather engage yourself in physical activities regularly to increase physical stamina gradually over time.
  3. They help you get proper rest through meditations and effective counseling. They also concentrate on solving stress factors and other emotional distresses.
  4. They consult you about how to lead a routine life and maintain better health. They present with comprehensive suggestions for maintaining a great lifestyle that enhances immunity significantly.

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