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Depression and stress are just two of the most common biochemical imbalances that our body can experience in these modern times. Each of them has various effects on our bodies which can also cause some disruptions in our routines. If you are having sleep disturbances, it is recommended that you consult a doctor as soon as you can to get the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Sleep and Depression

People with depression will most likely also have disturbances in their sleep patterns. When a person has this brain illness, it could potentially affect the various functions of the brain and this can include the sleep-wake cycle. Such disturbance can further worsen the depression and thus starts the vicious cycle for these people.
Depression can cause a variety of sleeping disturbances. Mostly, it is the problem of not getting enough sleep. For a few others, though, depression may result in the individual sleeping too much. Some of the effects brought by depression are difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, oversleeping, sleeping during the day, poor quality of sleep, and a tired feeling upon waking up.

On the other side of the coin, lack of sleep can also have drastic effects on the current depression that the person is experiencing. Consistent lack of sleep, overtime, can cause depression. Although lack of sleep is not one of the major causes of depression, studies have shown that it does have some amount of contribution.

Sleep and Stress

How Depression and Stress Affects SleepingStress is a response in our daily living, affecting us in so many aspects mentally, physically, and emotionally. Stress in healthy doses can actually be a very helpful drive to move us to stay alert and energetic when the need arises. When we encounter too much of it, however, it can lead to anxiety and sleep disturbances.

The most common signs that are associated with are insomnia, tension, poor concentration, and apathy. If such high levels of stress are not managed immediately, the entire well-being of the person can greatly suffer. Seven out of 10 adults in the United States reported that they experience stress daily and that it has an interference with their lives. This is exactly why stress management is very important.

Majority of adults experience stress-induced problems at least once in a week and more than half go through it several times a week. In this same population, three-fourths of them said that their lack of sleep that was brought about by stress or anxiety further worsened their stress and anxiety levels. This only goes to show just how much damage stress has on sleep and how sleep can also have an effect on a person’s stress levels.

Tips for a Better Sleep

There are a few steps that these people can do to battle the sleep disturbances that are brought about by both depression and stress. Along with the prescribed medications – if there are any – these methods can somehow help give a better night’s sleep.

If there is anything that is causing you to lose some sleep, you need to figure out what it is so you can take steps to reduce them and somehow easy the difficulties that you are having in getting good sleep. Take a good look at your physical condition and your typical daily activities and see if there is anything that can cause it.

Seeking social support and practicing thought management can also be a big help. Spending time with family and friends is a very effective buffer against stress and depression. It will be very helpful to open up to them and voice problems and other concerns. Practicing thought management can help change a person’s negative thought patterns and contribute in lessening levels of stress and depression.

Lifestyle changes are also a big help. Exercise helps blow off steam and reduce stress and anxiety while eating the right kinds of food can promote health both in mind and body. Getting adequate sleep is a very big help. Practicing good sleep hygiene and stress-lowering tactics can greatly improve your quality of sleep.

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