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If you carry out regular exercises, success in quitting the smoking habit is more assured. Smokers who are using skin patches or nicotine gum are likely not to touch tobacco in case they engage in regular exercises as compared to those who engaged in different nicotine replacement therapies without doing any exercise.

Commitment to the Gym

How Can Exercise Help You Quit SmokingA good example is quitting tobacco and turning to the nicotine inhaler followed by serious commitment to the gym from Monday through Friday. After doing 45 minutes of different cardiovascular exercises and thirty of serious resistance weight training everyday, the difference will be huge. What would be highly observed is the change experienced and observed in the pulse while at rest or what is known as stationary heartbeat. The last day you ever smoked the stationary heartbeat might have been 78 but after around six weeks, it will stand at 59 as far as the exercise routines were sacredly observed. The difference will definitely amaze you.

Measure Stationary Heartbeat

In case you are serious about doing away with smoking, you can approach a gym instructor, health expert or a friend to measure your stationary heartbeat or pulse immediately after giving up. After six weeks, you can follow it up and the motivations you will get will be the best you have ever hard. You will observe that your heart will do the same job perfectly with around 25 percent less effort. Every time the thought of a cigarette comes to your mind, you will remember the 78 pulse beat you had and it will inspire the process of quitting.

The exercises will also be instrumental in helping to lower body weight and keeping it down and the entire experience will be a form of liberation as compared to abstention from smoking. At that point in time, giving up could be considered as liberation as you develop positive thoughts that stir up success.

Weight Gain

The beauty of engaging in exercises and strenuous workout routines is that you will be able to deal with psychological and physical aspects manifested in the addiction of nicotine. Exercises also come in handy in limiting the gain of weight, something that aids in cutting down on cigarette cravings. In some reports, it has been observed withdrawal symptoms including cigarette cravings are less as one is exercising and for around 50 minutes later, after the exercise routine.

Apart from motivating the process of weight reduction, you will find exercises:

  • Lessen the appetite
  • Ease withdrawal symptoms of nicotine after the initial suspension of smoking
  • Divert the mind from cigarettes and smoking
  • Changes the mood into a positive one
  • Aid in coping with stressful patterns and making one to feel stronger

While at work

In case you are in the office or place of work and cigarette craving strikes, there are some exercises you could do with a lot of ease. Firstly, carryout some intense knees bend or simply climb a flight of stairs, perhaps two, up and down. You can also sit at a desk and interchange between muscle tensing and relaxing. Also, you could close the office door and look for a good spot and enjoy some intense push-ups. You can also do push-ups while standing against the office wall in case you do not feel inspired to get down on the office floor at all.

Sticking With Exercise Program

While engaging in physical activities, smokers habitually experience a lot of loss or shortness of breath. However, after quitting the habit, the exercises will become easier every time. This is generally because the function of the lungs improves after one has stopped smoking.

While some people start enjoying the exercises, others end up finding how difficult it is to consistently stick with their daily exercise routines. However, boredom usually settles after some time and you can help this process by changing the types of exercises or the routine you might be engaging in. You can start different exercises or learn a new fast spot such as soccer. You can also set some goals for instance signing up for tournaments or races. You might just find that some competitive engagement is all you need.

While most of what you will do to quit smoking might be in the gym, try planning social gatherings and family events that will provoke your body into strenuous engagement such as volleyball games, hiking or running along the beach.

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