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When a woman reaches the menopausal stage, a lot of changes occur within her body because of the hormonal imbalance that menopause causes. Hot flashes are one of its main symptoms. It is the condition wherein the body experiences a burning sensation that cannot be quenched and is quite uncomfortable accompanied by a gush of perspiration and a spike in temperature.

Hot flash is not an alarming event for a middle-aged woman’s life however, the discomfort that it contributes is unbearable especially during warm nights and scorching days. But don’t despair. There are ways on how to prevent hot flashes. You just have to conjure some herbs and after a while, you will feel better.


Sage (Salvia officinalis) is a plant that can be created into a warm cup of tea. By having at least twice or thrice a day, sage tea can lessen the effects of hot flashes. According to an article from the Italian Medical Journal Minerva Ginelogica, 20 out of 30 women who have participated in a research about sage tea have benefited from it and noticed that their hot flashes were gone completely during the time when they were ingesting the drink.

Black cohosh

Widely used in certain parts of Europe, black cohosh is one of the favorites among the locals to treat hot flashes caused by menopause. The National Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements have stated that black cohosh is similarly effective as their estrogen drug counterpart to relief the symptoms of hot flashes like the burning feeling and excessive sweating.

Evening primrose oil

This plant promotes a soothing and cooling effect which counteracts the irregularities caused by hot flashes. Evening primrose oil is also believed to regulate estrogen and prostaglandin production in the body.  Finally, due to its significant gamma linolenic acid component, it has the ability to induce sleep.

A breakthrough Asian discovery

Katherine Newton of the Group Health Research Institute located in Seattle has stated that a Chinese herbal mix that is named as Er-Xian decoction (EXD) has shown promising effects against hot flashes for women who took it. The frequency of hot flashes experienced daily was reduced by 62%. This figure is certainly a development in treating hot flashes. Continued studies are being conducted to strengthen the claims of the current findings.

Er-Xian decoction is comprised of different kinds of compounds that are extracted from the leaves, stems and roots of 6 Chinese herbs processed into granules. The granules were then placed in a sachet to become tea. This study can be found in Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society.

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