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Well Toned – check

Looks Healthy -check

Super Attractive – check

Wish the checklist was about you? It could very well be, provided you make the right lifestyle choices!

No doubt, achieving that coveted super healthy status requires a crazy amount of perseverance and determination. But, then again when has anyone had any gain with no pain?

So, put on the straps of discipline and gear up to lose all that snatches away the super fit tag. Get on board the journey to super fit-dom.

You can’t get rid of exercise. So, enjoy it!

A 45 minute yoga session early in the morning, or a stroll to your gym in the evening, all of this ‘sounds’ good, but it’s only when you make it enjoyable will you actually ‘feel’ good.

So, set the right mood. Before you sit for yoga, dim or brighten the lights as you like them. Play light soothing music of your choice, and keep the head banging music for your gym time.

Second, buy comfortable yet trendy gym wear to pep yourself up. The markets are flooded with the latest and vibrant fits of track pants, shorts and tanks. Go in for cheerful colors like orange, yellow and purple; they’ll get you in mood for an intense workout.

Diet- if you want to compete with the zombies!

You need to look healthy, and not as if you have arrived from a drought-stricken land. First lady Michelle Obama expressed a similar view by saying that being obsessed with every calorie is no way to live. You need to firmly keep two mantras in mind – ‘eat everything healthy’ and ‘eat at the right time’.

Talking of the first mantra, initially you may make the ugliest of expressions while nibbling on bitter gourd or soya oats. But, stick to such foods. With time, your expression will turn to that of satisfaction. You will slowly not crave chips, fried Kentucky or aerated booze – even if it’s kept right before you.

To touch the super fit marking, you need to incorporate proteins, carbs, vitamins as well as fats in your diet. Hence, opt for a balanced meal every time you sit to eat.

Time food to time your fit factor

Let’s get down to meal timings. You require a good metabolism to keep you in good shape. Ever wondered why some people gorge and hog and yet remain slim. This is because they have a fast metabolism. Eating every meal at the assigned time daily helps to get your metabolism in the right tune.

Breakfast at 8, lunch at 1, snack at 5 and dinner by 8 is the new rhyme to memorize (which doesn’t really rhyme). A mistake most commit is eating large healthy portions after long durations of time.

Your body isn’t a car whose petrol tank needs to be filled completely after every 30 days. Eating small healthy portions after shortly timed gaps is the super healthy pick.

Mind power training

A fit body has a lot to do with how you handle stress. In order to look and feel healthy staying happy is essential. As Abe Lincoln puts it, “Most people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Psychology has proved the existence of psychosomatic disturbances wherein, a person displays physical symptoms of illness, but the cause is purely originating from one’s thoughts.  Have you ever noticed how sometimes just by telling yourself that you feel tired/ energetic, you actually feel so accordingly.

Learn to meditate for 20 minutes daily. Explore and find out, which form of meditation do you enjoy most.  Transcendental meditation is what most ravishing Hollywood celebs like Russel Brand swear by. Meditation has not only helped people stay calm and relaxed amongst complexities, but also helped in curing cancers.

Booze and Butts – better beware!

A temporary high is all that you’re going to get from puffs and sipping drinks. The permanent benefits of staying away from it supersede the temporary high states. Fresher mornings, pink lips, improved appetite, good oral health are just few of the benefits of kicking the butts of booze and cigarettes.

You may have been constantly hearing the ill-effects like lung, liver, teeth, gum, stamina, skin, heart risk (whoa… these are way too many risks). But, here is something new. NBC news reported a study, which said that smokers cost their employers $6000 more a year than non-smokers. This is largely due to reduced work productivity after smoking. And if you think ‘anyways the boss has to pay the $6000’, you should know that he can call for a layoff if he doesn’t want to pay.

So, quit smoking now.

Stop comparing. Start treating

A significant aspect while achieving the super fit body is to not compare your body with anyone. This will just secrete more of the unwanted stress hormones within you. Be proud of the way you look. And work with dedication towards the way you wish to feel. Also, with this strict fitness regime, it would be nice to cheat a little once a weak.

Choose any one day in the week to laze around in your couch and give Homer Simpson a run for his money! It’s okay to eat a little amount of extra fat on this day, and follow your meal with dessert. But trust me; you will be truly in love with your balanced meals that you wouldn’t crave any of this. A balanced meal will be the only thing that will help you sleep well at night.

Being super fit isn’t super difficult. In the very first few days, no doubt you got to push yourself to stay strictly honest to your regime. And thereafter, it is going to become your way of life. Remaining super fit will become almost effortless!


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Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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