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Healthy Foods for Healthy SkinThere’s no doubt that your skin – your body’s largest organ – is a direct reflection of what you choose to put inside your body. Genetics come into play, but it is your lifestyle that makes the ultimate impact on your health. Keep in mind that food doesn’t just fuel the body: food feeds the skin as well. It’s that simple: diet is imperative to your skin’s health. 

You are what you eat, after all.

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High in anti-oxidant Vitamin E to help protect against damaging ultraviolet rays, almonds are a great food source that helps prevent premature aging and keep the skin from drying out. Just a handful will do the trick in fighting free radicals from the inside out.


Avocado is rich with nutrients that have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. The combination of Vitamins C and E, lutein and plenty of good-for-you fats (one of which is Oleic acid, a fat that helps protect against sun damage and reduces wrinkles) is what produces an incredible glow to your skin.


Blueberries are the best anti-aging food source; they contain the highest amount of antioxidants to help target free radicals and prevent premature signs of aging.


Dead cells, dirt and oil often build up on the skin. The high Vitamin A content in carrots helps prevent the overproduction of cells in the outermost layer to prevent pores from clogging, therefore making this vegetable a go-to for clearing breakouts. Carrots are also filled with Vitamin C, a crucial component needed in the production of collagen.


Eggs contain the highest levels of lutein and zeaxanthan, two nutrients that help strengthen cells and smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles. Lutein actually helps build up the elastin needed for skin to maintain its shape for a smoother complexion.

Green Tea

Packed with antioxidants for protective and preventive benefits, green tea is essentially a powerhouse drink that keeps your body hydrated and healthy. It is also a diuretic that helps flush out toxins for a clearer, healthier complexion.


Mangos are rich in the beta-carotenes the body needs to convert into Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps repair the skin and skin tissues undergo reparation and maintenance.


A handful of almonds a day is said to help protect against damaging ultraviolet rays. While almonds are packed with Vitamin E, an antioxidant that aids in preventing premature aging and moisture loss, they’re not the only nut full of healthy benefits. Walnuts are another food source that lend the skin a healthy, dewy glow. They contain alpha-linolenic acid, an essential omega-3 fatty acid that lubricates the skin.


The high Vitamin C content in oranges helps push collagen synthesis while fighting free radicals, making oranges one of the best antioxidant-rich fruits.


An imbalance of fatty acids in your system – specifically when there is less omega-3 than omega-6 fats – is a probable cause of acne. Incorporating salmon into your diet ensures that your skin is getting enough of the former to prevent inflammation and breakouts.


Amongst experts, spinach is considered a super food because of its ability to promote cell renewal. By helping repair and maintain DNA, this leafy green is said to help reduce the likelihood of cancerous cell growth. In addition, spinach is loaded with antioxidants, minerals and Vitamin C.


Be sure to look for yogurt (preferably low-/non-fat) that has been fortified with Vitamin D. Even without the extra boost, yogurt contains a multitude of nutrients like zinc, calcium and protein that help reduce breakouts and promote cell renewal for smoother, suppler skin. Zinc has inflammatory benefits that can help reduce breakouts; calcium has antioxidant properties that aid in cell renewal for a rejuvenated complexion and natural glow; protein strengthens the complexion for a youthful dewiness.

Try making a parfait for a power breakfast or tasty, midday snack. Use a mix of any (or all!) of the fruits above and layer it with a non-fat or low-fat yogurt. Top it off with a few nuts and you have the perfect treat for both you and your skin.

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