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Heading off to college? You’ll face a whole new level of responsibilities when you’re a college student, including how to stay healthy without being under the watchful eye of mom and dad. Here are a few tips to start you off on the right foot:

7 Health Tips For College Students

Keep Your Dorm Room Clean

I know, cleaning can be a real drag. But if you keep your dorm room clean, you’ll have a much healthier environment for sleeping, studying, and eating. When your room isn’t clean, it can make it easier for mold to grow, which can be downright dangerous, and even dust can be a health hazard, causing allergies to flare up.

Remember The Food Pyramid

At college, you’ll be responsible for your own meals, and while it is tempting to order pizza with your friends every night, there’s a reason why most freshmen gain weight. Instead, make use of your school’s dining facilities and fill up on veggies and lean proteins – two food groups that are regularly neglected by college students.

Health Tips For College StudentsFind The Gym During Your First Week – And Use It

Almost all colleges have an on-campus gym or free access to local gyms. Find these facilities during your first week of school and make use of them. If you don’t like gyms, check out your college’s track, running paths, pools, or other places where it’s easy to get exercise without leaving campus. Many schools even have clubs where you can exercise with friends to stay motivated.

Go Easy On The Alcohol

Most students experiment with alcohol while in college, even while still underage. While choosing not to drink at all is your best option, if you must partake, at least do so responsibly. Never drink and drive or get drunk around people you don’t trust, and make sure you go to and leave parties with friends. Light beers, wine, and liquor mixed with club soda or diet soda are your healthiest options if you’re going to drink. Stay away from fruity mixed drinks, which are often extremely sugary. And remember – always keep an eye on your drink. If you set it down for any reason – even for a minute – get a new one, and make sure you’re watching the drink be made. Every year, many college students (both men and women) are drugged when someone slips something into their drink.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s tempting to stay up all night chatting with your new roommate or finishing homework, but if you don’t get enough sleep, your weakened immune system will make it easier for you to get sick. Schedule classes that make sense for you whenever possible. For example, if you’re a night owl, schedule afternoon and evening classes, and if you’re an early bird, schedule morning classes.

Practice Safe Sex

No, you can’t tell if someone is clean just by looking at them. During college, many people throw caution to the wind, especially after drinking, but STDs are no joke. Be safe, even if someone seems like a nice person, and get tested regularly, especially between partners.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Lastly, many students feel overwhelmed, which can lead to anxiety and depression. You are not alone. Ask for help from friends, parents, faculty members, and others in your life if you’re feeling stressed out. College is a big change in your life, and we all need a little help adjusting sometimes.

Health Tips For College Students – Summary

Above are the 7 health tips for college students. Do you have any tips yourself? Let us know by commenting below.

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