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Guide To Acne Treatments - Newest TrendsNobody wants a face full of blemishes and scratching that pimple off the face; will most certainly leave behind a scar. Predominantly with the changing climate and lifestyle of the population; our skin being the foremost sensitive portion of the body has the tendency to react and undergo changes that lead to irritations and inflictions. A major irritant of our skin, normally with respect to the female sex, is acne. Dust and oil secreted from within tend to coagulate inside the skin pores thus becoming one of the major causes of acne. Hence we must not lose pace with the acne treatments-newest trends evolving to treat the problems associated with acne.
There are primarily five categories of acne, the most common of them being blackheads and pustules. Normally with the coming of puberty, there is an erratic change in our hormonal activities. Our skin becomes accustomed to certain acne attacks. Thus it is essential for everyone to keep up with the newest trends regarding acne treatment in order to sustain a healthy and a beautiful skin.

Acne Treatments – Newest Trends

Acne is a skin affliction, thus its chief treatment would either be through a natural means or making use of external constituents and serum. Hence we give you the newest trends described for acne treatment.

Nutrition and Supplements:

Vitamin A: Vitamins play a key role in stabilizing the chemical compositions in our body, out of which Vitamin A is commonly used for acne treatments. Either our diet can simply consist of vitamin A containing substances like liver, lettuce etc or one can purchase capsules or serums containing vitamin A. A popular product called Accutane or Reti-A is a revolutionary new found acne removal cream recommended by many dermatologists.

Vitamin B5: The latest drift regarding vitamins is the outcome of using products that contain vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic Acid. It automatically decreases oil accumulations or sebum formulation inside the skin pore. Vitamin B5 can be acquired by purchasing over the counter medications after consulting a dermatologist or simply a direct consumption of vitamin B5 rich diet, mainly bran, mushroom, whey powder etc; can provide adequate amount of B5 complex to the body. The use of products containing either vitamin A or B5 has become one of the newest trends for acne treatment.

Additionally, it has been medically affirmed that a large dosage of sugar and oil containing substances can lead to acne eruptions hence a lesser intake is always advised.

Natural Remedies:

A direct contact between the acne and a mixture of a paste prepared from substances like lemon or orange peel with water reduces acne. This method works majorly for pustules and cysts. Using dry cucumber on the acne and washing it with water after leaving it for fifteen minutes is another home recipe. Another acne treatments-newest trend is the use of Green Tea which contains anti suppressants. One such product is the Acne Free Green Tea Moisturizer.

The Blue Light laser therapyThe skin gets an exposure of vigorous amount of pathogens one of them primarily being the acne causing bacteria, scientifically known as Propionibacterium acne or simply P-acne. This concept of the Blue Light therapy is the newest trend evolved for acne treatment where light is induced upon the skin to destroy the influents present. It is referred to as the Blue Light laser therapy because it entails the usage of blue light whose wave-length or frequency sets off an instantaneous expulsion of components from porphyrins (a chemical released by the bacterium that leads to acne spews) which helps to destroy the bacterium. The physics behind the laser treatment is simple, and hardly takes more than fifteen minutes. It is a harmless diagnosis for acne inflammations and is soundly effective. A vital advantage of this therapy is that it requires no drugs and the side-effects are minimal.

Overall, every individual has a different texture and composition of skin therefore what we eat; drink or where we live makes up for the type and kind of atmosphere our skin can react to. Acne being a major skin ailment is now being treated surgically, medically as well as indigenously. Thus it is highly imperative to catch up with the acne treatments-newest trends, for all we want is that our skin breathes and blooms with health. After all beauty is prosperity!

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