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Losing Those Skinny Chicken Legs

Keep Your Chicken Legs on the Dinner Table

Can’t you read the sign that says no food?  Don’t bring your chicken legs to the gym!

While I may be making a joke, I’m also serious.  Many die-hard gym rats are already working themselves up so much with they’re workout that they often feel a bit ill afterward.  The last thing they need is so see something that will make them want to puke.  And if you’ve got skinny, underdeveloped legs that are the result of long periods of inactivity, a complete disregard for any type of lower-body workout whatsoever, or just plain bad genes, please keep coming to the gym, but just wear sweatpants.

Seriously, though, developing both your upper- and lower-body equally is vitally important in keeping muscle balance, which is one of the leading causes of injuries at the gym.  When you can’t balance that heavy set of weights because your legs are too weak, you’re just setting yourself up for disaster, perhaps even for the person on the machine next to you as well.  After all, the last thing anyone wants at the gym is for some guy next to them to lose his load all over the place, causing weight plates and bars to fly in all directions.

That’s why chicken legs are really bad, and if you want to get serious about losing those them for good, there are many great workouts that you can start doing right away that will have you feeling and seeing results in no time at all.

Leg Presses:

This great exercise will have you working many of the problem areas that chicken legs often afflict, including your calves, quadriceps, and buttocks.  The leg press machine is quite simple to use, and you can even sit down!  All you do is sit in the seat, place your feet firmly upon the footrest, and then push away with your legs.  Go slow and lower the weight back slowly, keeping your back straight and your feet firm.  Try a few different sets of decreased weight after starting out with your max weight for a few reps, just to make it more interesting.

Leg Curls:

When you use the leg curl machine at the gym you’ll be isolating your hamstrings, one of the first places that chicken legs can strike the unwary, or just plain lazy.  Choose a weight that’s comfortable for you and put your legs up over the cushioned-padding.  Bend your knees, bringing the weight curling down toward your butt.  Make sure you keep your upper legs stiff.  Try closing your eyes and picturing just your calves.  And be sure to keep your back straight, not arched.  If you really want to challenge yourself, or just make sure that your dominant leg isn’t doing all the heavy lifting, try out different sets with just one leg at a time. – Leg Press/Curl Machines available at Gymkituk

Calf Raises:

These exercises can be done with a machine or with dumbbells.  If you choose the dumbbell option, all you need to do is grip two comfortable weights in your hands, and simply push your heels up off the floor, staying balanced on your toes for a second or two.  That’s on rep.  You can do the same with a machine that lets you have the weight distributed evenly across your shoulders with shoulder pads.  You will also have a better range of motion as you will often be standing on a raised platform that allows you to dip your heel below the normal floor level.

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