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Foods To Keep Your Vision SharpMaintaining a healthy vision is just as important as observing the health of the whole body. This explains why, people are advised to get an eye exam done periodically to ensure their eyesight is functioning well. Strangely, there are certain foods that a person can include in their diet to improve their eyesight. Some of the common foods that have been seen to have a positive influence on the eyes has included; vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants. This article presents a list of foods that you can consume to improve your visions.

In case you didn’t know, eggs can bring major health benefits to your body and particularly to your eyes. Studies have show that taking a one or two eggs a day can increase a person’s lutein and zeaxanthin by a greater percentage. It was also revealed that eating eggs had the ability to prevent a person, from a common eye problem known as glaucoma. This was only possible since eggs give omega-3 fatty acids which are responsible for fighting various eye problems.

Fish is another type of meal that can go along way in helping one maintain a sharp vision. Particularly fish such as; salmon, tuna and sardines were found to have large quantities of omega -3 fatty acids which were beneficial to the eyes. The nutrients helps the eyes fight dry-eye syndrome and decreases the risk of glaucoma diseases. Further research also went to reveal that fish contained vitamins A and D which played a critical role in keeping the retina of the eye healthy. If you want to save your eyes and improve it at the same time, make a point of serving fish often in your home.

If you want to protect you eye from developing a cataract which is the clouding of your eye lens, go for food that are rich in vitamin C. Cataract is triggered by an oxidation process that takes place in the lens of your eye and has the ability to impair your eyesight. To prevent this problem from happening to you, take a lot of fruits, milk, yeast and whole grain which improves your visions and at the same time prevents different eyesight problem such as cataract from occurring.

So, how often do you take leafy green vegetable in your home? Well, if you haven’t been taking that this is the time to make it a diet routine. Eyes require vegetable nutrients to function well. For example, in green vegetables you will find different vitamins such as; vitamin A, B-12, C and minerals calcium the eyes needs for better sight. Studies have shown when you eat vegetable frequently; your retina will be improved significantly. In fact, it has also been noted it will delay the macular degeneration that is brought about by aging in a person. Some of the meals you should go for can include; kale, spinach, chard, cabbage and sprouts.

Garlic and onion can give the body various health benefits. For example, garlic is widely known for strengthening a person’s immunity, making their body effective when fighting different diseases. Garlic has been found to contain sulphur which can improve the lens of the eye. Onion and garlic were also found to possess a compound called selenium responsible for protecting cells in the body. Some good sources of this important food can include; onion, shallot, capers and garlic, all of which were found to boost the vision and the health of the eye.

Studies have also exposed dark chocolates and berries can improve the eyesight to a greater extend. Experts found out that these foods contained antioxidants and other substance called flavonoid which could help the eye to function well. Although, dark chocolates were termed as bad cholesterol, one was given the option to substitute it with berries to serve the same purpose. A source of these dark foods can includes; black berries, blueberries and bilberries all of which can help improve your visions by making it sharper. You will get to improve your blood circulation to the eye as well and at the same time protect your visions from serious problems. In closing, these are some of the foods you can use to maintain a healthy vision all the time.

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