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Wouldn’t it be just perfect if everything you ate was helping you lose the fat you needed to lose and keep the muscle? Some claim that certain foods do just that. Do these claims hold any water and if they are true then there must be a catch, right? Imagine if we were somehow unable to eat any more than the calories we needed in a day? Are there really appetite suppressants that work and are safe? Before we answer that, here are 4 of the top foods that claim to have fat burning properties.

  1. Caffeine: Whether you’re a tea drinker or coffee guzzler, you’ll be happy to know that caffeine in general is good for weight loss. This is nothing new as a 2005 study published in the journal “Obesity Research” has shown that coffee is a delicious, convenient way to shed fat. Don’t forget that the more frills you put on your cup of Joe, the unhealthier it becomes. If you’re a coffee drinker, learn to take it black.
  2. Cinnamon: Cinnamon has been seen to help control glucose levels in diabetics in various research articles. It helps utilize glucose more effectively and avoids depositing it in the form of fat. Most people like cinnamon but if you don’t, you can get supplements that you don’t even have to taste.
  3. Capsinoids: All the members of the pepper family also called Capsicum genus contain capsinoids that work on your metabolism. These foods help your burn fat but giving your metabolism a gentle lift. Sweet peppers are anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and just happen to also help you lose abdominal fat.
  4. Calcium from Dairy: Getting enough calcium in your diet is essential to regulate your metabolism and lose weight and fat. Here’s where just popping a calcium supplement is not as effective as eating a cup of low-fat yogurt. Eating non-fat or low-fat dairy three times a week is recommended to help burn fat.

While fat burning foods are useful, they are not a license to eat a high caloric diet and skip exercise. It’s important to eat the right portions of food but hunger strikes at the most inopportune times. Are appetite suppressants a legitimate way to control hunger? Dr. Oz would recommend 5-HTP as an appetite suppressant. While there is enough research to show that 5-HTP is not a viable option, it is more suited for obese people. Even the good doctor recognizes that it is not for everyone.

One of the best natural appetite suppressant is protein. For years it has been known that eating adequate amounts of lean protein keeps the body slowly burning all day. It makes sense why people say that eating an egg for breakfast helps people lose twice as much weight because eggs are high in protein. Coupling your carbohydrates with protein in a high protein diet is the best way to keep those pesky hunger pangs at bay. Some studies have shown that eating solid proteins like lean meat and egg can keep your hunger at bay more than liquid proteins like protein shakes. However, a high protein must include some fruit and vegetables. This will provide minerals, vitamins and other nutrients for a well-balanced diet.

How does a high-protein diet work for weight loss and appetite suppression? A high protein diet reduces carbohydrate intake and overall intake of calories and induces appetite suppression through ketosis. This results in an initial weight loss due to loss of fluid. Diets like the Dukan Diet promote high protein, low fat intake during the first Attack phase of the diet. You can eat any of the 68 foods mentioned in the Dukan Diet list resulting in immediate weight loss.  The Attack phase is followed by the Cruise stage which adds 32 vegetables to your diet.

Escaping Hungerville and fat-burning foods are very real but there are a lot of products out there that are not top quality. Keep your eyes peeled, read the research, ask your doctor before adding anything unusual to your diet.


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Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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