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It is often said that one’s smile is one best asset and so it is important that we keep it shining and sparkling. Mostly people think that regularly brushing, using teeth whitening strips, visiting the dentist twice a year would keep all dental problems at bay. To avoid any kind of issue of your teeth and gums keep the following things in mind:


We may all tend to ignore flossing but it is equally important as brushing. Studies have shown that flossing is the best way to take care of your teeth and prevent periodontal disease. When you floss, it removes debris, plaque, control bad breath and polish the surface of the tooth.

Bottled water

It has been found that, most bottled waters contain less fluoride than actually required to protect teeth against decay and increase remineralization. Against this tap water have fluoride, and is considered the most effective means to get fluoride.


One may think that tobacco makes teeth yellow but it causes much more damage. Tobacco contains tar, which creates a sticky film on teeth and promotes the growth of acid production, bacteria and toxins in turn leading to tooth decay, gum inflammation and other dental problems.


With Diabetes, the body’s resistance to infection is reduced to a great extend. This in turn increases the risk of gum or periodontal disease. Therefore, it is essential that diabetics visit their dentist on a regular basis and also get triglycerides and cholesterol levels checked. Another great thing is that by just maintaining good gum health, diabetics can greatly reduce the insulin they take.

Dry mouth

When the level of saliva reduces it results in dry mouth, which leads to various dental and oral infections. Saliva is not just needed to chew your food but also prevent cavity-causing bacteria and harmful acids. Drinking more water, using fluoride toothpaste/ rinse and artificial saliva substitutes can solve this problem but if it is persistent then visiting the dentist is a must.


Consuming wine regularly can harm the tooth enamel as the acidity of wine dissolve the tooth structure. So, take small sips and after enjoying wine remember to rinse your mouth immediately.

Diet pills

Though you make feel diet pills is the easiest way to lose weight but it can have an adverse effect on teeth. These pills are known to reduce salivary flow and lead to gum disease and tooth decay.


When you are expecting, your hormone levels keep changing, which cause inflammation of the gums and increase the risk of infections. Studies have shown a direct link between untreated gum disease and low-birth-weight babies.


Also known as Teeth grinding that even those with otherwise healthy teeth can have enamel issues due to bruxism. This condition can also cause jaw pain or change in the facial appearance. Anger, stress, anxiety tends to increase teeth grinding therefore you need to find ways to reduce these feelings. To deal with teeth grinding, you can also visit your dentist who will recommend customized solution such as a night guard.

Acidic food

The acid in citrus and acidic food such as grapefruits, oranges, lemons lead to weakening and erosion of the tooth enamel. Brushing, or rinsing mouth help to reduce the acid effect. The best way to deal with this is to chew sugar free gum that contains Xylitol , an FDA approved sweetener derived from fruits and plants.

Overusing whitening products

To get a perfect white smile we all depend upon whitening treatments but when we overdo it ingredients can increase sensitivity and eroding tooth enamel. Moreover, as we age whitening products wouldn’t be helpful.


Dieting the food you consume directly affects the health of your teeth and with restrictive diets you deprive yourself of all the essential nutrients and vitamins including B vitamins, folate, calcium and vitamin C and make yourself vulnerable to periodontal disease and infections.


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Recommended: Use a voucher code MAS5385 to save an extra 5% when shopping for supplements on iHerb.

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