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Etiquette And Tips For Your Yoga Workshops Joining Yoga workshops present a wonderful way for beginners to explore and strengthen their yoga practice. Whether you have practiced yoga at the comforts of your own home or just recently discovered the great benefits of this ancient Indian technique, yoga workshops are perfect for creating a network of new friends and well as infusing more fun and variety into your yoga practice.

When it comes to yoga workshops, Malaysia is home to a great number of respectable yoga studios that offer regular yoga workshops that you can join. This article focuses on guiding beginners on the proper etiquette and providing great tips on how to go about your yoga workshops.

  • Make sure to take off your shoes and place them in the shoe area upon entering a yoga studio.
  • Check in and talk to the front desk personnel before you enter yoga workshops, even if you have previously signed up to yoga workshops Malaysia online.
  • If in case you come late for your yoga workshops, only enter the room after the class has already completed their “oom” part. Make sure to also slip in as quietly as possible. If the room is a bit crowded, you can patiently wait to catch your instructor’s eye and wait for him/her to provide a space for you.
  • Be accommodating and make room for other students. It is important that people feel welcome in joining yoga workshops.
  • When using props for your yoga practice, make sure to place them neatly near your mat, well out of your neighbors’ way. Identify those that you will be using frequently and position them strategically.
  • Focus on your own practice. As a beginner, watching others who have mastered their asanas and those who have gone through a number of yoga workshops may easily distract you. Instead, choose to focus on your poses, your body and your breathing. Be patient with yourself. You don’t need to perfect every pose, just learn to work with your body.
  • Remember to always keep in mind your gazing point or drishti. Where you will look will affect your balance, which will ultimately affect your alignment and pose. You don’t need to constantly watch your instructor. Typically, in yoga workshops, instructors walk around and provide verbal and manual assistance. Again, choose to focus on yourself.
  • Be present in the moment. Learn to stay in the “now.” Be in the room, focus on your breathing instead of constantly thinking of tasks and errands that you need to attend to after your yoga practice.
  • Don’t drink too much water. While it is important to keep your body hydrated during yoga workshops, you definitely don’t want to feel your gut full of water while bending, twisting and stretching.
  • Do not eat a full meal right before going to your yoga class. Schedule heavy meals to be 3 hours before your class or 2 hours for lighter ones. This will give your body ample time to digest. If you feel your body is running low on sugar, you can consider having a small snack beforehand. A piece of fruit or a handful of nuts are enough.
  • Try not to be frustrated. When practicing yoga, you need to learn how to be able to take yoga seriously without being too hard on yourself. Perform your poses with that sense of lightheartedness. Smile even if you start to wobble or even lose your balance. Over time, you will be able to gain more confidence and better control of your body. The important thing is to remember to enjoy every moment.
  • Turn off your mobile phone. This one doesn’t really need any explanation.
  • Fall in love with the entire yoga process and not simply get too attached to one pose. Continue to explore your potential and practice a variety of poses and different types of yoga practices. There are poses that you will not be able to execute and some that will need constant practice. Work with patience, without getting too caught up with details or the need to perfect a certain pose.

Have fun going through different yoga workshops. Malaysia yoga studios provide perfect refuge to help you explore more the benefits of yoga as well as strengthen your practice. Remember, it will take time before you will be able to gain familiarity with the different yoga poses. Be patient with yourself, stay in the moment and stay attuned to your body and breathing.

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