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Physical activity is without a doubt, a requisite for good health. While the ancient ways of living allows the human body ample opportunities for physical activities like farming, traveling by foot, or other combat training, the comforts of modern existence has diminished the necessity to use our bodies to get things done. In place of manual labor, exercise can either be in the form of going to the gym, doing yoga, enrolling in dance, or engaging in sport. By far, dance and sports have often been the most popular forms of exercise and have been introduced even early in school. The two activities both give us the benefits of a good workout and improved mental and emotional health.

Health Benefits

For one, both dance and sport requires strength, endurance, and agility. All of these develop through time and only through constant training and practice. Both activities help maintain weigh and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and other illnesses. Dance helps improve flexibility and range of motion while stabilizing muscles and improving posture. Sports, the other hand help strengthen bones and muscle, especially sports that challenge the muscular system, such as weightlifting and combat sports. Both activities increase stamina for long term performance. These activities also strengthen ligaments and tendons and enhance agility, balance, and coordination.

Psychological Benefits

Both Dance and Sport trigger the release of endorphins to the body, literally making you happy. Jumping, running, doing dance moves, scoring, cheering, clapping – all are happy activities that gives you, and your occasional audience, a high. This leads to lowered stress levels and in the long run, better mental health. Dance improves memory as it requires you to memorize steps. Since it is also a performing art, it becomes a creative outlet for self-expression apart from writing, painting, or singing. Sports, on the other hand, encourage clever thinking. It requires you to think of a strategy. You need to think of ways to score points, minimize deductions, or decide whether you need to be offensive of defensive. In some sports, you may need to read your opponent and plan your strategy accordingly. This leads to better problem solving skills in the workplace, school, or in daily life. Sport also helps increase concentration.

Health Risks

Dance-related injuries and sports-related injuries are common in the course of long-term training. Both participants can suffer from repetitive strain injury, which is caused by repetitive tasks, exertions, and overuse of certain body parts. The body movements add stress to the body when performed incorrectly, and over-repetition can lessen the performance quality.  In dance, since body movement is extended beyond its daily functions, it is important not inappropriately push for more advanced moves if the body is unprepared for it. Sports on the other hand, accidents during ball games or individual sport are inevitable. Head injuries may lead to concussions in varying degrees. These risks, however, may be minimized through proper warm ups, sufficient training, taking breaks, hydration, and use of proper attire and equipment.

Taking your Pick

Both dance and sport offer numerous opportunities for better health in mind and body. Dance is generally recreational and entertaining, thus a good respite. Sports often than not involve losing and winning, which encourages one to accept successes and failures with a cool head. A sportsman is positive, encouraging, and always aims to do better. Dance allows insight to another or to one’s own culture. Sports encourage belongingness to the community through tournaments. Considering taking up either sports or dance in the end depends on one’s inclinations. Whichever way, there is undoubtedly a studio or gym in the corner that would cater to your preferences.

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